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CMM Highlights

How to add a contact?

How to create a note?

How to delete a contact?

How to exit correctly from the program?

How to increase or decrease the size of your screen?

How to use the navigation bar?

How to use the snippets and the black arrows to expedite your work?

How to view contacts list?

Simple and Advanced Views

The Private System plus CRM Tips and Tricks

Uploading a document

Affiliates and Commissions plus Tips and Tricks

Contacts and Features

Contacts System Training

How to add contacts?

How to find a contact?

How to link contacts?

How to move emails to the more emails field?

How to select emails that belong to a contact?

How to setup an affiliate?

How to use the Debt Reduction Analyzer?

How to do a full find on contacts?

How to find a contact using Quick Find?

How to find contacts from a list?

How to find contacts using black arrows?

Invoice payments

Pay per delete invoicing

The Invoice System plus tips and tricks

Variable PPD Invoicing

How to add a task?

How to assign task to a different agent?

How to delete a task?

How to view tasks in a list?

Task Management

The Task Manager (how to properly follow-up) plus tips and tricks

The Personal Financial Builder plus Tips and Tricks

How to receive your SMS Live messages?

How to send an SMS message?

How to setup an SMS Live Workflow “Trigger Keyword”?

How to setup SMS Live?

How to create a workflow?

How to use the Affiliate Business Lead Finder and the Workflow Manager?

The Account Receivables (How to Manager your Client Payments) plus Tips and Tricks

How to add an agent task?

How to add an agent?

The AutoMessenger System plus Tips and Tricks

Autoresponder Basics

How to assign an autoresponder to a contact?

How to create an autoresponder?

How to find an autoresponder?

How to show the autoresponder logs?

Credit Audit Training

Extracting Disputes plus Tips and Tricks

How to create your own Service Contract in Credit Money Machine?

How to enter the social security and date of birth?

Pay per deletion

The Metro 2 System

Email System Basics

Emailing Task Groups

How to add HTML Email Signatures?

How to create a new email account?

How to know when you receive an important email?

How to save the email history inside the program?

How to select contacts from emails?

The Email System plus Tips and Tricks

Phone Scripts

How to add a template?

How to add images to templates?

How to email a template?

How to find a template?

How to interact with DocuSign, eSign, RightSignature, SignNow, and other e-signature services?

How to print a template?

The Template Manager (How to merge fields) plus Tips and Tricks

How to setup your Twilio account to send an SMS text message?

How to connect to the VPS using remote desktop connection?

How to print from a VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

What to do if the program does not open?


For a full searchable list of our videos please go to