The ONLY all-in-one Credit Repair Software with the must-have-tools for the do-it-yourself Credit Repair Professional

Credit Money Machine

  • "For two years now I have been using CMM, there is nothing close to compare it." - Andrew Yamilkoski Heartland Credit Restoration

  • "While the program appears intimidating at first, I quickly learned how jammed pack each page is with tools and features which ultimately make our processing so much faster and easier than the prior system we were on." - Robert Lefcort Great American Credit Repair Company

  • "I suggest if you are in the market for a product like Credit Money Machine just get on board you will not be sorry you did." - Ron Beauchamp Credit Resource Group

  • "The Credit Money Machine is not only an amazing program, but its success is due to its creator and excellent customer service support that surpass any other software product out in the market." - Nilka Mateo Supreme Credit Solutions

  • "I love the fact that it is a true all in one solution." - Eduardo Ramos Credinc Executives

  • "..before I bought the Credit Money Machine, I had been doing my business the hard way." - Lawanda Bennett  Celia Credit Solutions

  • "I had tried CMMN's online trial and was so incredibly impressed, I decided to take the plunge and purchased the software." - Chris Lahage Speedy Credit Repair

  • " I most say that the Credit Money Machine has more than exceeded my expectations with the amount of different ways that I can use it in my business." - Paul Montero Montero Credit

  • "Credit Money Machine Net is everything they say and more.. fast, flexible and powerful." -  Steve Hoffman Credit Consultant USA

$149.97 /  month

$199.97 / month

What do you prefer? a program that prints you credit repair letters or a complete business solution that manages every aspect of your business, from marketing to finance to management with hundreds of features not available in any other program at any price.

Now with Credit Audit. We have added a Credit Audit System to Credit Money Machine Pro Plus You can E-mail it to your client with one click. Also, you can have unlimited versions of Credit Audit, for example, one for regular credit repair while another is for pay per deletion. The possibilities are endless.

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New, integrated GET LEADS SYSTEM that includes a Sales and Marketing automation setup valued at $1,500 (free for you) consisting 1) of Templates, Autoresponders, and Workflows ready to use so you can achieve your goal of marketing to new leads. 2) a system to find unlimited affiliates which would translate into unlimited leads. 3) furthermore, a form that you can use anywhere (websites, splash pages, etc.) that will trigger multiples personalized emails to your prospects and
Video Part 1 Video Part 2 Video Part 3

Welcome to Credit Money Machine, dedicated to the development of CRM software for the last 26 years and makers of Contact Your Client, the #1 All-Inclusive CRM Business Suite. There are six main reasons why to consider Credit Money Machine.

Complete Business Management Suite for Credit Repair Companies – Desktop or In-The-Cloud

Built-In Accounting

Full-featured, fully integrated CRM–without add-ons

Unique Power Business Builder tools

Advanced Email and Marketing Automation

Price Performance Leader

Also, you can get our Affiliate-Ready Website

Optionally, you can buy (and be yours forever) our Professionally-Designed Affiliate-Ready website that you can give to your affiliates and know what affiliate referred a prospect with ease.

Most of all, this way your affiliates would have an important tool to promote your services and your sales will increase dramatically.

This website is built with WordPress for easy editing and contain all the areas that your prospects would identify with a big company.

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