Why professionals prefer
Credit Money Machine:

Automatic Extraction of Disputes

Windows based (resides secured in your computer)

More features, faster, more secure

More profitable (does in seconds what others do in hours)

You can own it and stop rent payments forever


Client & Affiliate Portals

Installed in your own website not ours

Bilingual English-Spanish

Integrated Referral System

More secure (don't contain sensitive information)


CRM, Management, Marketing
and Financial Capabilities

All versions have a Lead Finder area. Our Pro Plus and Ultimate have: Invoicing, Email System (sends and receive), Auto-Messenger, Account Receivables, Payables, Check Writing, Bank Reconciliation, Charge of Credit Cards, ACH Checks, Escrow Account, Check Drafts, Telemarketing, Parsing System(data extraction system) and much more.


Two Styles of Websites

Two styles to choose from
Communicate with CMM by receiving leads from your website while receiving the client and affiliate portals
You can buy them and they'll be yours forever.
Stop rent payments forever.


Take the 25 Second Challenge

See by yourself why Credit Money Machine is by far the fastest and easiest credit repair software under the sun.
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Pay-Per-Deletion Method

See how you can make more money with Pay-Per-Deletion
The Pay Per Deletion Method is the most profitable method & 100% Legal


Free CRM App for your Salespeople, Clients & Affiliates

Use it on iPad and iPhones.
Ideal for sales people on the road.


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Credit Money Machine Cloud is perfect for new businesses
entering the Credit Repair industry, but if you are a seasoned
professional, you need Credit Money Machine Pro Plus Ultra

Our new Credit Repair Software is spectacular covering every
possible business needs for the Credit Repair professional from
marketing to accounting, from management to rapid processing of
disputes. Everything is included!



Professionals agree:
"Credit Money Machine is the best choice when selecting a Credit Repair Software"

Even if you are starting a Credit Repair Company,
you can qualify to use Credit Money Machine, don't settle for less if you can."

If you are frustrated with your current Credit Repair Software
because of lack of speed, security, ability to backup and lack offeatures
call me at (954) 568-7153 and I will show what you can do
to multiply your income with minimum effort.

Credit Money Machine Advanced View

If you want a software 10 to a 100 times faster that yours
give us a call for a 5-minute live presentation.

5 reasons that would be stupid to ignore when selecting a Credit Repair Software.

1) Is it legal and secure?

When you select a credit repair software be sure that you and only you have access to yours clients' sensitive data.

If you use an online software, also known as in-the-cloud software, you are putting your clients' data within the reach of third party handlers which is potentially illegal under the GLB Act (a Federal Law that regulates the use of sensitive data) without your clients express permission.

Credit Money Machine is Windows software so it resides on your computer or Windows server under your control and password and only you and your employees have access to it.

As opposed to other online software that holds your client and affiliate portals on their server and also contain sensitive client's data, Credit Money Machine features, client and affiliate portals that reside inside your own website and don't contain any sensitive data, so even if the data is compromised, it won't imply a potential liability to you or your company.

2) How fast is your software?
This aspect is more important than you think. When software is slow. it becomes tedious to use , but most importantly, requires more employees to operate in a business environment even in its beginnings at very low capacity, as is the case with software in-the-cloud.
Credit Money Machine is ultra-fast software where one person can process up to 400 new clients per month.

The bottom line, Credit Money Machine is more profitable than any other credit repair software under the sun.

3) Get a software with the right set of features
Many times we get "enchanted" by the looks of software without realizing that looks don't mean that the right set of features is available for you to use, this fact force you to use many additional software to fullfill your needs, at an additional cost in money, time and errors due to data duplication.

Credit Money Machine has a comprehensive set of intergrated features that avoid data duplication and allow you to manage your whole company under one roof. From financial features like invoicing, receivables, commissions, charge of credit cards, etc. to marketing features like integrated e-mail system, telemarketing, workflow, SMS, auto-responder, etc

CMM has many unique features in the credit repair area as well, like the ability to extract disputes from several credit report providers and automatically assign letters, reasons and types with one click and in seconds.

For example Marketing Automation is an important feature (see what it means to you by clicking here)

4) Work anywhere in the world.
Our software can be installed on your computer or in-the-cloud but do not confuse this ability with slow web-based programs, also known as in-the-cloud software (the ones that you connect to using your Internet Browser.) Out VPS technology gives you the best of both worlds, the connection from anywhere in the world using Windows, Macs, Macs, iPads and Smartphones but with ultra-speed from 10 to 100 times faster than your web-based in-the-cloud software.

5) Does your software allows for company growth?

Almost all credit repair software have one version or several where the only change is how many clients you can use or how much space you have available on their servers. This fact restricts immensely your company's capacity for growth.

In theory, if it was possible to handle a big company with one of those credit repair software if would cost a small fortune in bandwidth and fees.

With Credit Money Machine you can have thousands or millions of clients at no extra cost since our line of software has potentially unlimited capacity depending only on your computer available space.

Additionally, when you use an online software you will be force to pay forever and it will be next to impossible to export your data to move it somewhere else.

With Credit Money Machine you can decide whether to rent or purchase and you can always export all your data easyly to compatible formats like excel among others.

Don't invest your time and money in the wrong direction just to realize later that you can't grow your company, get from the start what professionals use, Credit Money Machine.

Get a FREE trial now by Clicking Here.

Convert your Credit Repair Company into a money-making machine with Credit Money Machine.

Our CLIENT PORTALS are tri-lingual English, Spanish and Polish (View New Portal)

Do you know that you can and should use Credit Money Machine to manage your other businesses because of its financial and marketing capabilities?

Don't create a potential liability for you and your business by using software that is in-the-cloud, be smart and use Credit Money Machine and maintain your client's data secured in your computer.

The most important thing is clients. CMM has an integrated and complete system to manager unlimited clients.

Additionally, if you want to OUT-SOURCE YOUR WORK TO OTHERS or want out-source your sevices to your own clients we have special capabilities to control the round and the ability to post the client portals directly inside your clients' websites (this is a most for any professional out-sourcer) Call us at (954) 568-7153 to know about these special features.


Our Credit Money Machine Pro Plus has all the features that any business needs to grow: Invoices, Receivables, Payables, E-Mail System, Auto-Responders, Workflows, SMS and Voice Messages, Client and Affiliate Portals, Parsing (web extraction) System, and much more.

What is the Problem?

Use of many software to run your business, data duplication, error prone

Credit Repair Software designed to be too easy at the expense of power or multiple levels of menus

Bulky Credit Repair Software, slow performance, fixed length data fields, size increase easily

Usually in-the-cloud, legal issues under GLB Act, lack of control, security and backups depend on 3rd parties.

Windows-based Credit Repair Software can't be rented. In-the cloud Credit Repair Software can't be purchased.

The Solution is Credit Money Machine

The only all-inclusive Credit Repair Software in its class with a comprehensive set of tools in many areas (financial, marketing, prospecting, e-commerce, communication, etc.) some of them not available in any other software at any price. A complete business solution that will increase sales, reduce costs and organize your whole company.

Credit Money Machine is brought to you by LMR International, Inc a 26 year old Florida corporation dedicated only to the development of software. In particular , Credit Money Machine has more than 30 years of development.

Read out Testimonial page where you will see an impressive collection of satisfied customers.

What's Holding Your Back?

1) I would need to learn a new Credit Repair System.
While that's a fact of life with any new software, the time savings anyone has by learning Credit Money Machine and the reduction in labor costs and increased productivity will compensate for the time well spent.

2) I have lots of data in my current Credit Repair Software
Credit Money Machine has a powerful import and mapping capabilities, so as long you can export your data, you can import it into Credit Money Machine.

3) I don't need all the features in Credit Money Machine
People don't realize that any business needs to use a set of essential tools to be efficient and maximize its productivity and therefore its profits. The all-inclusive approach of Credit Money Machine provides the comprehensive set of essential management, marketing and financial tools that any business needs. We have two versions to pinpoint any level of needs (but you can always upgrade with easy without losing data). With competitor's software you are stocked with one program with no chance to upgrade to anything more powerful since they don't have it.

Your Credit Repair Software and you, a normal workday...

Probably, you start your day by opening your Credit Repair Software to start contacting your follow up prospects but do it slow because the program does not have the right tools to do that efficiently.

Then, you open your invoice software to check what is due to charge then you would need to open your merchant control panel to charge payments those payments due, copy the info from the invoices system and get an approved or declined response.

After that probably you will go to a spreadsheet to manage the result of the charge (approved or declined), and if it was declined, you will probably go to your e-mail system (maybe gmail, hotmail, MSN, yahoo, outlook, etc.) to send an email to this client asking for payment.

Then, repeat ad nauseam for every client you process and you probably finish your day exhausted without doing anything productive like marketing or getting new clients.

If you want to add that, then you probably have to go (and pay for) a service like awebber to create, control and process a dripping campaign or just to inform your prospects of a new product or service (don't forget that your prospect will need to double opt-in to do that, etc.)

Bottom line, a stressful day and very little accomplished. Would not be better that you had a Credit Repair Software that could do all that and much more, everything under one roof?

What's Next?

Get the Credit Money Machine Pro Plus by clicking here or give us a call at (800) 713-0457 for more information.

How can Credit Money Machine Pro Plus help your company to be more productive?

  • Maintain the communication with your clients in one place.

    Instead of having e-mails all over the place among different computers, like when using Gmail, outlook, etc. , now you will have all the communication back and forth with your clients under one roof and selectable with one click. Credit Money Machine has a world-class E-mail System (to send and receive) and with data merging capabilities, encryption, and much more, that is integrated into many areas of the program.

  • Save money by handling your marketing inside Credit Money Machine

    Credit Money Machine has integrated many marketing tools that you can use to get clients from day one. Among them, an Affiliate Lead Finder, an integrated Telemarketing System, a Postcard Creator and an integrated Auto-Responder

  • Process your payments faster and don't pay extra charges.

    While other software companies charge you extra and use third party software to process your client's credit cards, Credit Money Machine Pro Plus lets you charge credit cards at no additional cost (just use your merchant account) with its integrated recurrent credit card system. Also, CMM integrates with ACH checks (electronic checks) and even you can charge your clients by printing your own Check Drafts, at zero cost, and deposit them into your bank without your client's signature.

  • Prevent potential liabilities for you and your company.

    Since Credit Money Machine is Windows's software (but used in a Virtual Private Server for easy accessibility) , the sensitive data of your clients is protected and secured under password inside your computer. When you put the sensitive information of your clients (social security, Driver's License, Date of Birth, etc) in a third party software without your client's consent, like is the case with online software, you are creating a potential liability for you and your company.

  • Start small, grow large in one continuous motion.

    Many people start with an over-simplistic software (usually online), only to realize, that at soon as they grow a little, they have many needs that were not taking into account at the beginning. The bad news is that those over-simplistic software don't have considered the capabilities that a real company needs to grow and that you don't know when you start, they are limited in the number of clients, space and must-needed capabilities. Then, in a while, you must change software losing time and money. Credit Money Machine has user levels so you can start as a novice with zero knowledge and still perform as professional thanks to our automatic capabilities, but as soon as you require more features, you will gladly discover that all the tools that your business needs are right up at your fingertips. Grow to a million clients (or leads) if you want and Credit Money Machine will be able to handle them all.

  • Make it pleasant, safe and legal for your clients and affiliates.

    Credit Money Machine Pro Plus comes with Client and Affiliate Portals that reside inside your own website for speed, security, and capabilities. They are trilingual (English, Spanish, and Polish) plus they are ultra-fast since each client has its own database and they don't contain any sensitive information for an ultra-secure environment, as opposed to in-the-cloud software where the portals are in the hands of the vendor, they are slow because the software is shared among all their clients plus the security of your clients depends on the security of the vendor and not on yours. Also, with Credit Money Machine, your clients can report to you what disputes they want to address and why for a completely legal environment.

  • Process more clients, faster.

    Credit Money Machine can extract disputes from 15 credit type of reports, like Credit Check Total, ScoreSense, Identity IQ, Wells Fargo and many more, but it does not only extract the Creditors and Account number, it also assigns automatically, the Dispute Type (Judgment, Charge-off, Collections, Late Payments, etc.), assigns the Letter to use automatically, the Dispute Reason and even schedule the disputes to avoid a potential frivolous dispute answer from the Credit Bureaus. All this in seconds, not hours. Additionally, it can select all disputes to print from all clients with one click in one second and just another click to print them so you can reduce days to minutes when compared to other software.

  • Your affiliates will love you.

    Credit Money Machine has an integrated commission system with unlimited levels. This means that not only you can control all your affiliates from inside the program but also create payables and eventually prints the checks to pay for them inside Credit Money Machine. It is a complete and comprehensive affiliate management, reporting and payment system.

  • Save time, money and get more clients doing your dripping campaigns in-house.

    Dripping Campaigns are a form of automatic follow-up, also known as auto-responders, used by several professional companies like Aweber, GetReponse, etc. Credit Money Machine has an integrated Auto-Responder System. CMM's Auto-Responder is even more flexible than other specialized systems, but most importantly, it's right within the software. So, you can promote your company and follow up automatically with prospects clients and affiliates with just a couple of clicks for an almost unfair advantage. Don't skim yourself of this fantastic tool.

  • Grow your company by leaps and bounds by offering your services to others.

    Also, know as outsourcing, Credit Money Machine has special features whether you want to outsource to others or better yet if you want to offer out-sourcing services to others. First, Credit Money Machine can send / receive a full set of client data from compatible software so others would be able to send you clients with a couple of clicks. Then, Credit Money Machine has a full set of tools to control and report to the sender party the rounds made in an outsourcing process. This technique alone can multiply your revenue many times over with ease (available only in the Ultimate version.)

  • Eliminate complaints from clients even if you don't delete their disputes.

    Credit Money Machine maintains a full history of disputes in the Client Portal, so at least, you can show effort in case that you haven't been successful in your deletion intent. This technique, only available in Credit Money Machine (like most others capabilities) will increase your reputation as a professional and honest company, getting your more word-of-mouth clients that anything else.

  • Be proud of your company, show your best face to the world.

    Everybody knows that a website is your business card to the world. Credit Money Machine offers two, professionally designed, websites that you can purchase and be yours forever. They have integrated editors for easy change of content and the forms will go into Credit Money Machine, creating new clients and populating their fields automatically. See samples at www.click111.com and www.click112.com

  • Work less, reduce time, show your clients how efficient you are.

    Credit Money Machine has a unique Multi-Task-Multi-Schedule-One-Click Task Manager that can set a series of tasks for one or many clients and prospects with one click. For example, let's say that when you get a new client you want to set for him a few tasks: in day 0 you want to send a welcome email, in 3 days you want to make a scripted phone call, the next day (day 4) you want to send a contract and 3 days later (day 7) you want to call the client if the contract was not received. Credit Money Machine can create all these tasks at different days and linked them not only to the client (of course) but also to the email to send, the phone script, the contract, etc all that with one click.

Take advantage of our expertise and take your company to the next level.

As explainedbefore, Credit Money Machine capabilities are the result of many years of development. (more than 30 years)and we assure you that all those features are there for a reason, and that is, to grow your companyfaster, leaner and more robust than with any other software. That's our solemn promise.

Everything you need to launch, market and run a lucrative credit repair business:

We developed a full line of Credit Repair Software so your business won't outgrow Credit Money Machine ever

  • CMM Ultimate
  • CMM Pro Plus
  • CMM Pro
  • CMM Lite

Support & Training

In addition to our video training we provide one-on-one live personalized training for the Pro, Pro-Plus and Ultimate versions.
Training is given on the key business components (dispute processing, client and leads management and marketing) to help "guarantee" your success.

Professional Portals

Not all Portals are created equal. Our Client and Affiliate Portals will be installed on your own website for speed, security and capabilities.

Sample Portals:

Client Portal
Affiliate Portal
  • Bilingual English-Spanish
  • Integrated Referral System
  • Responsive Smartphone Portals
  • Add your own background

A website you can own

Sample sites:

Website Slyle 1
Website Slyle 2

Two slyles, your choice. Pay only $99.97 x 5 installments or get a 20% discount and pay just 1 payment of $399.97.
Includes free hosting for a year for your website and portals. (Websites can be rented too)

Solutions tailored for your specific business needs:

Credit Money Machine Pro Plus


  • Automatic Extraction of Disputes
  • Automatic Assignment of Letters
  • Automatic Assignment of Dispute Reasons
  • Automatic Scheduling of Disputes
  • Integrated CRM Manager
  • Integrated Task Manager
  • Integrated Personal Agenda & Payment Reminder
  • Integrated Credit Card Analyzer
  • Integrated Debt Reduction Manager
  • Integrated Budget Center
  • Integrated Loan Amortization Center
  • Owners' hosted Client & Affiliate Portals
  • Integrated Telemarketing System
  • Integrated Invoicing System
  • Integrated Account Receivables
  • Integrated Account Payables
  • Checks / Drafts Writing
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Charge of Credit Cards
  • Integrated E-Mail System
  • Integrated Auto-Responder
  • Financial Desktop
  • Parsing System(data extraction)
  • Much more....



Advantages of using Credit Money Machine:

Web-Based vs

  • Very slow
  • Expensive (rent forever)
  • Limited features
  • Software & Portal in control of vendor
  • Sensitive data in vendor's hands
  • Risk of data loss
  • Very fast
  • Inexpensive (you can own it)
  • Feature rich
  • Software & Portal under your control
  • Sensitive data secured on your own computer
  • Integrated backup system

Why Credit Money Machine is Better

  • More profitable because it manages all your business needs from one place.

  • Does in seconds what others do in hours

  • You can own it and be yours forever or subscribe to it month to month.

  • Resides secure on your computer or it can be accessed remotelly from anywhere in the world.

  • Extracts disputes automatically

  • Find deletions on subsequent months automatically.

  • Special Out-Sourcing Capabilities (can post your client portals inside your client's website)
    Inquire about this special feature to understand its benefits
Today is: 02/20/2017 1.6 Billion usernames and passwords were stolen. Are you or your clients in this group?
These days the FTC (www.FTP.gov) is checking on Credit Repair Companies on many compliance aspects that you may not be aware of.

You receive sensitive information from your clients in trust (Social Security, Drivers License, W-2, Date of Birth, Passwords, etc.)

When you put that information in somebody else's hands, like when you use a web-based software, you are violating this trust and possibly creating a huge liability for you and your company.

Even if you put in your contract, it would be rare that your client has read it and understand the consequences, therefore, unless you make them initialize that particular paragraph you could be creating a future issue.

Imagine, for example, that the company you send your client's sensitive information is hacked or simply assaulted by a disgruntled employee, in this case you could be responsible for the use and consequences derived from the use of that privilege information.

When you maintain your client's data under your control, like in your own computer, you reduce greatly the possibility of such data being stolen and used by an undesirable party.

Recentrly 1.6 Billion usernames and passwords were stolen (see the news here ) your clients could be part of this group and you could be responsible for the consequences.

This website contains articles on many legal topics; however, no warranty whatsoever is made that any of the articles are accurate. There is absolutely no assurance that any statement contained in an article touching on legal matters is true, correct or precise. Law varies from place to place and it evolves over time sometimes quite quickly. Even if a statement made about the law is accurate, it may only be accurate in the jurisdiction of the person posting the information; as well, the law may have changed, been modified or overturned by subsequent development since the entry was made on this website.

The legal information provided on this website is, at best, of a general nature and cannot substitute for the advice of a licensed professional, i.e., by a competent authority with specialised knowledge who can apply it to the particular circumstances of your case. Please contact a local bar association, law society or similar association of jurists in your legal jurisdiction to obtain a referral to a competent legal professional if you do not have other means of contacting an attorney-at-law, lawyer, civil law notary, barrister or solicitor.

Neither the individual contributors, system operators, developers, nor sponsors of this website nor anyone else connected to it can take any responsibility for the results or consequences of any attempt to use or adopt any of the information or disinformation presented on this website.

Nothing on this website, should be construed as an attempt to offer or render a legal opinion or otherwise engage in the practice of law.
Today is: 02/20/2017 Vacating a Judgment as Credit Repair

Did someone file a judgment against your client? If they did, there is a chance you can get it dismissed or "vacated." Vacating a judgment is basically the equivalent of stamping a big fat red "VOID" on the judgment paperwork. When you file a motion to vacate a judgment you are basically filing an appeal to the court on the case. Keep in mind that most of you are not lawyers but Credit Consultants who can advise their clients of their rights.

Filing a motion to dismiss a judgment is like filing an appeal on the outcome of a jury trial. If the outcome was not fair, and you have good reason why the court should overturn its prior ruling, you should file a motion. Don't be intimidated by the thought that you are challenging a court ruling, it happens all of the time.

As with many collection agencies, many people who file lawsuits to collect money from you in court didn't follow the law. You may be asking yourself why the judge didn't know about this improper deviation.

As in most professions, judges tend to specialize in one type of case. For the same reason that you can't expect a heart surgeon to know the best psychiatric medications to prescribe to a patient with schizophrenia, a judge doing small claims or injury lawsuits may not be intimately familiar with consumer law.

Sure they know the basics, but one person can't know everything. Before deciding on a case, most judges need to look up and study existing statutes and case rulings. In addition, if the person who sues says they followed the correct procedure and the defendant or his lawyer does not dispute it, it's a sure bet they were given the benefit of the doubt.

Another thing to look out for: even if the person suing you followed all the right court procedures, you can still win on technicalities. The two biggest reasons a judgment is "won" are:

A) the defendant failed to respond to the court summons with the proper paperwork in the allowed period of time, and
B) the defendant failed to appear for their court date. This is calling winning by default. If you missed your court date, you may still not be out of luck.

If your client received a judgment or a writ of restitution and they believe to have a good reason for not responding to the eviction summons or appearing at the "show cause" hearing, there still may be grounds for asking the court to vacate the judgment.

If the court agrees that they may have had good reasons for not responding or appearing, the court may decide to set a hearing on a motion to vacate the judgment.

First some terms:

A judgment is the actual court decision stating that the person suing is in the right. It issues the method to "right the wrong," such as fines, the actions you need to take to correct the violation, or the amount of money you need to pay the plaintiff.

A writ of restitution is generally used only by landlords. It is basically a court order, in writing, that would be given to a sheriff to evict you if your landlord was trying to get you to move based on non-payment. You don't need to worry about this document if you are not being sued by your landlord.

Vacate basically means dismiss.

The plaintiff is the person suing you.

The defendant is the person being sued (you).

Advise Your Client To Prepare The Motion to Vacate

The first thing you should be before preparing a motion to vacate is to look up your client's state's rules of civil procedure. It should spell out exactly what you need to do to file a motion. It will also tell you what reasons are valid, and may include the exact language you need to use. If you don't follow the procedures, you can get your motion thrown out on a technicality. Here's a good link: http://www.law.cornell.edu/topics/state_statutes.html

You must prepare a Motion and Declaration to Vacate Judgment and an Order to Show Cause.

Motion and Declaration to Vacate Judgment

A sample document can be found here:

This document tells the court why the judgment against you should be vacated. First, you need to identify the case by name and court reference number and all the persons involved in the judgment.

Next, have them to explain your reasons for bringing the motion.

State their "procedural defenses," that is, the good reason(s) why they did not respond to the summons and complaint on time or appear at a "show cause" hearing.

For example:
I was not served with a summons and complaint - you need to check your state laws here. Some states say that a non-certified letter delivered by US Postal service is all that is required to properly serve a complaint.

Most states, however, require that you be served in person or at least get your summons sent certified, return requested mail. Here is a good link to double check you state and county procedures: http://www.findlaw.com/10fedgov/judicial/district_courts.html

I responded to the summons and complaint in time, but a judgment was issued anyway without a hearing.

I was not able to answer the summons and complaint or appear at the show cause hearing because...

In the same space, also tell the court about your defense to the judgment (why the case would have been dismissed had you shown up
in the first place).

For example:
The collection agency never responded to my request for validation, therefore never providing proof that the debt was mine under the

The amount of the debt exceeded the state's usury interest limits Please note that the court will only respond to violations of existing laws. They won't accept reasons like: "My insurance company was supposed to pay this debt and never did, therefore I shouldn't have to pay this medical bill."

File the Paperwork

Most likely, you will have to file your motion at the same court which granted the judgment in the first place, which means that if the judgment was granted in Anchorage, Alaska, and you now live in Miami, Florida, you will have to fly to Alaska to both file the paperwork and to attend the court trial.

Go to the courthouse with your typed document and tell the court clerk that you are filing a motion to vacate a judgment. There may be additional forms to fill out at the courthouse, and there will probably be a nominal filing fee. The clerk should know exactly what needs to be done with your paperwork, and can answer all of your questions and even help you fill out the forms.

Once your paperwork is in order, the court will notify you of the upcoming court date. The person who originally sued you (the
plantiff in the original suit) will typically have 35 days to respond.

Notify The Original Plaintiff

In some cases, once the paperwork is filed the court will notify the plaintiff and/or plaintiff's attorney. Be sure to ask if the court will serve notice or if you need to, as serving the notice of summons is crucial to winning your case. If it is your responsibility to serve notice, you can hire a third-party
professional service company for a nominal fee (typically around $35).

What If They Offer to Settle Out of Court?

Very often the original plaintiff in your lawsuit will come back to you and offer to vacate the judgment, especially if they blatantly flouted the laws in winning the case in the first place and have no proof, say that you were properly served, or that they violated the FDCPA, etc.

If they offer to settle out of court, you should demand that they themselves file paperwork to dismiss the lawsuit. Also demand that they notify any collection agencies they may have hired to collect money and also notify the credit bureaus of the "mistake." It is also crucial before accepting any settlement offer (in writing, naturally) that they send you copies of any paperwork received from the courts about the judgment vacation or dismissal.

What Happens at Court?

In the best of all possible scenarios, the original plaintiff will not show up for the hearing to dismiss and you will win by default.

If this happens, you shouldn't have to present anything to the court and should receive your dismissal automatically, especially if the original plaintiff never responded in writing to the summons.

In the second best of all possible worlds, they show up to the hearing and are unable to disprove your reason for requesting the dismissal:

They are unable to show proper documentation that you were properly served.

They are unable to show that the debt was legal in the first place (unable to show what the correct debt amount should be, if a contract existed in the first place, etc.)

This means, of course, that you should have good documentation on the case and have it available to present in court.

What Happens When You Win?

You should receive a court document showing that the case was dismissed. Send copies of this document to any collection agency that's contacted you about the case and to the credit bureaus so they will remove any mention of the judgment from your credit report. Even though you demanded that the defendant do this, it only takes a few minutes and a few stamps to insure that it gets done promptly by doing it yourself.

Here is another resource with case law concerning vacation of judgments. Be careful citing them, though and make sure they are
applicable to your court venue (which is most likely a state court).

For instance, citing a case in Texas is not going to help your case in Illinois. http://www.amatterofjustice.org/amoj/library/0008voidauthority.htm

Copyright Certified Credit Counselors Association www.ccasite.org

Click Here for Credit Bureaus Security Freeze Fees and Requirements

Click Here for Sample Freeze Form from Lexis Nexis