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Credit Money Machine Options

by | Oct 31, 2023

Written By Lorenzo Rodriguez

Foreword: Credit Money Machine is the first credit repair software in the industry. Helping consumers and businesses streamline the credit repair process for over 30 years. Remove inaccurate items in your or your client’s credit reports efficiently and accurately. Book a free live demo today, or check out our options and pricing.

In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a healthy credit score is essential for financial stability and success. A good credit score can open doors to lower interest rates on loans, better insurance premiums, and even job opportunities. However, many individuals face challenges in managing and repairing their credit. This is where Credit Money Machine steps in, offering a suite of powerful tools to assist in the credit repair process.

Fixing my own credit has given me unparalleled insight into the challenges individuals and businesses face when managing and improving credit. It’s a journey that demands knowledge, expertise, and powerful tools. This is why I developed the Credit Money Machine, to automate and make the process easy.

Let’s delve into the four versions of Credit Money Machine that stand out as the best credit repair solutions of 2023.

Personal Credit Repair Software

DIY Personal Credit Repair Software Dispute Center

Personal Credit Repair Software is the best DIY credit repair software for consumers seeking an affordable and user-friendly credit repair solution. It is cost-efficient with its one-time payment and free training. 

This software is designed to simplify and automate the credit repair process. It offers a 1-click 15-second credit repair processing, which you cannot find in other credit repair software. Moreover, it has an easy-to-use interface and letter templates that the experts use. 

What is 1-click 15-second credit repair processing?

When you click extract credit reports, the system will do everything you need to do in 15 seconds. This includes:

  1. Extracting credit reports
  2. Providing a side-by-side comparison table of results from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. These three are major credit bureaus.
  3. Detect errors and discrepancies, which you will see in the table.
  4. Automatically generate dispute letters tailored to the errors and discrepancies found.
  5. Assign dispute letters, reasons, and types.

This means, the only thing left for you to do is to send the dispute letter to the bureaus and wait for the result.


Here’s How it Works:

Extracting Credit Report in The Credit Repair Software

Extract Credit Report

Import your current credit report from your selected provider with just 1-click.

Submit Dispute Letter

Send Dispute Letter to The Bureaus

Remember to attach receipts or other supporting documents to prove your case.

Monitor Credit Report

Track Your Progress

The Bureaus will investigate within 30 days. Monitor your credit report to see progress.

Key Features:

1-click 15-second credit repair processing
Extraction of credit report
Automatic creation of dispute letters
Automatic creation of validation, freeze, and personal information letters. One-Click 2nd+ Rounds Assignment of Letters and Reasons
Automatic updates of statuses
Automatic prevention of disputing inquiries linked to positive accounts
Letter template manager
Credit repair training and course

Credit Money Machine Lite

Credit Money Machine Lite Dashboard

Credit Money Machine Lite is the best software for credit repair business start-ups. Or for people who want to explore this venture. This version of our software has a limit of 300 active clients and one user. Therefore, even if you have a medium-scale company, you can still use this version and enjoy a low subscription fee.

This software has all the powerful features of the DIY Personal Credit Repair Software plus business tools. It allows you to add contacts who can be clients, leads, or affiliates. The program also allows you to display your business logo in the program, which is important for your branding. Lastly, it has a Super Calendar and Powerful Task Manager System to track your tasks and schedules.

Moreover, it offers a secure portals and mobile app for your clients and affiliates.

Credit Money Machine Web

Credit Money Machine Web Dashboard

This is our best seller. Credit Money Machine Web is an all-in-one credit repair software with all the tools you need to operate a business. It has a full-fledged CRM program, marketing capabilities, and sales program. This version is meticulously designed to put all the powerful credit repair business tools in one interface. So, you don’t have to spend more money on other software and waste time switching from one software to another. We got it all for you.

This version also has all the tools of Credit Money Machine Lite. Plus, a lot more. It allows up to 1000 active clients, unlimited leads, and unlimited affiliates.

Therefore, with Credit Money Machine Web, you can:

  • Extract clients’ credit reports
  • Automate the credit repair process
  • Manage affiliates, including tracking commissions
  • Run marketing campaigns
  • Invoice and charge clients
  • Integrate email system
  • Manage letter templates
  • Send instant messages
  • Interact in Social media
  • And so much more…

In addition, this version comes with White-label Client and Affiliate Portals. It allows you to put your own business name, logo, and other details, which is important for your own branding. Additionally, it also allows your clients and affiliates to do the same in their portals. This is helpful so you have the option to be an outsourcing provider. 

Credit Money Machine Premium

Credit Money Machine - The Best Credit Repair Software

This is the upgraded version of Credit Money Machine Web. It allows unlimited clients, leads, and affiliates. Therefore, it is best for large credit repair companies. It has all the features of the Web version plus a 1200 AI prompt system. Moreover, it has a lead finder, workflow system, FAX system, and more marketing capabilities.

Here are Premium’s Additional Features for Your Business:


  • Business Lead Finder (find unlimited affiliates for your business)
  • Integrated with Twilio to Send and Receive SMS. Pay directly to Twilio for less than a penny per message.
  • Can send Personalized SMS to one Contact or unlimited Contacts with one click.
  • Send Marketing Emails or Faxes on the Fly to a Group of Contacts
  • Integrated Fax System with MyFax, RingFax, eFax, MetroFax,, HelloFax, HumbleFax, Nextiva, vFAX, etc.
  • Marketing Campaign System has many ways to trigger and subscribe prospects and clients to campaigns.
  • Virtual Funnels System to be Used Inside Emails and Social Media
  • Integrated with Zapier
  • Be Happier with Zapier Special System
  • Ultra-low-cost phone dialing integrating Skype
  • Two-Level Automatic Affiliate Commission System
  • Powerful Full-Feature Workflow System
  • 1200 AI Prompts System

Why Credit Money Machine is the Best Credit Repair Software?

Credit Money Machine stands tall as the pinnacle of credit repair software. It is meticulously designed to expedite and simplify the credit repair process. With its comprehensive training and expert-crafted letter templates, users can dive into credit repair with the finesse of a seasoned professional right from day one.

Beyond streamlining the credit repair journey, Credit Money Machine elevates the entire credit repair business operation. Integrating a winning strategy, robust CRM, dynamic marketing and sales programs, lead finding capabilities, and an intuitive workflow, it doesn’t just repair credit. It propels credit repair businesses toward unparalleled growth. Notably, its secure client portal seamlessly integrates with users’ websites, ensuring a top-tier peace of mind for your clients. Therefore, the Credit Money Machine is not just software for repairing credit; it’s a transformative force for a successful credit repair business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is Credit Repair Software and How Does it Work?

Credit repair software is a specialized tool designed to assist individuals and businesses in managing and improving credit profiles. It provides a range of features such as credit report analysis, dispute management, personalized action plans, and progress tracking. These tools help users identify inaccuracies, dispute questionable items, and implement strategies to enhance their credit scores.

Q2. How Can Credit Repair Software Help Improve My Credit Score?

Credit repair software helps improve credit scores by offering tools to analyze credit reports, identify errors or inaccuracies, and generate dispute letters to address these issues with credit bureaus. Additionally, it provides educational resources and expert guidance to empower users to make informed financial decisions, ultimately leading to a healthier credit profile.

Q3. Are There Different Versions or Plans Available for Credit Repair Software?

Yes, credit repair software typically comes in various versions or plans, each offering different features. In Credit Money Machine, we have a version for personal use and 3 versions for business use. These plans cater to different needs, ranging from basic tools for individual users to more comprehensive solutions tailored for credit repair businesses. You can choose the version that aligns best with your needs on our options and pricing page.

Q4. Is Credit Repair Software Suitable for Personal Use or is it Geared Towards Credit Repair Businesses?

Credit repair software is designed to cater to both personal users and credit repair businesses. In Credit Money Machine, you can use our Personal Credit Repair Software to repair your credit. If you are aiming or operating a credit repair business, you can choose between our Lite, Web, and Premium versions.

Q5. How Secure is the Client Information in Credit Money Machine?

Unlike some credit repair software that stores client information on separate servers, which can be less secure, Credit Money Machine securely hosts these portals to your website or program. This way, your clients’ private information stays with you, where it’s safest and most secure.


Looking for the Best Credit Repair Software?

Whether you are looking for a credit repair software for consumer or business use, we got you covered!