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Credit Repair Laws in New Mexico

by | Sep 4, 2023

As a credit repair business owner, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the Credit Repair Laws in Mexico. Let’s explore these laws to protect your business against legal issues.

But first, let’s talk about New Mexico Credit Health to understand the potential of this type of business in the state.

New Mexico Economy

Located among the Four Corners region of the southwestern US, New Mexico has a population of 2,096,829 people, making it the 36th most populous US state.

In 2021, the state of New Mexico found itself grappling with an average poverty rate of 18.4%. This figure puts the state as the third state with highest poverty rate in USA, according to Daily Times. Surpassing only Louisiana (19.6%) and Mississippi (19.4%) in terms of poverty rates within the nation. 

The national poverty rate stood at 12.8%, underscoring the substantial disparity that New Mexico faced. On the other hand, New Hampshire holds the lowest poverty rate in the country. Boasting an impressive figure of just 7.2%.

The New Mexico’s economy is largely supported by retail trade industry and services, such as mining, federal facilities, and tourism. Furthermore, as of 2020, the state has an average credit score of 699, below the US average credit score of 700.

New Mexico Credit Health

North Carolina's Average Credit

Credit Repair Laws New Mexico routinely faces dauntingly high and increasing levels of credit card debt, averaging $2,470. In addition to, the state households carry an average balance of $161,271 on their mortgage. $26,622 in auto loan debt. And $34,211 in average student loan debt. The effects of the higher levels of consumer debt combined with higher poverty levels account for a lower average credit score.

Credit Laws in New Mexico Prohibited Acts

The New Mexico Administrative Code and the New Mexico Unfair Practices prohibit certain acts regarding credit repair and debt resolution services. Credit repair businesses must obtain a surety bond of $25,000 from an authorized surety company of the state before conducting business there. The bond must be conditioned that the business is compliant with the provisions of the law and with any other applicable state or federal statute.

Furthermore, credit repair organizations may NOT do the following:

1. Charge an advance fee for services
2. Collect or receive any money, or other valuable considerations before fully performing any services in the agreement.
3. They must disclose to consumers in writing the range of services they will provide. As well as the identity of their surety bond carrier. The length of time it will take to complete the proposed services. And any expected results.
4. Furthermore, New Mexico prohibits credit repair businesses from making guarantees of results.
5.Ridiculing credit reports as inaccurate or incomplete.
6.Misrepresenting the degree of expertise of personnel, and
7. Making false or misleading representations regarding the company’s services.

Contract Under Credit Repair Laws in New Mexico

Under credit repair laws in New Mexico, credit repair companies must provide consumers with a written contract. This document should outline the services to be rendered, fees, and the duration of the agreement. The contract should also inform consumers of their rights, such as the right to cancel the contract within a specified period.

Credit repair companies in New Mexico must also refrain from making false or misleading statements about their services. Moreover, it’s important to note that service providers are prohibited from charging upfront fees before services are provided.

Consumers in New Mexico must know their rights under these laws when engaging with credit repair companies and thoroughly review any contracts before signing.

The Right to Cancel Under Credit Repair Laws in Mexico

Finally, New Mexico requires that consumers be given the right to cancel the service agreement within three business days of signing. Any money paid to credit repair company must be refunded in full within ten business days should the consumer cancel the agreement before the completion of the services.

 See Notice of Cancellation and Consumer File Rights here.

In conclusion, Credit Repair Laws in New Mexico ensures consumer protection and require credit repair business to be responsible for their services. While the state grapples with unenviable levels of debt, understanding New Mexico’s credit repair laws can enable consumers to protect themselves. And ensure that credit repair services operate transparently and ethically.

**Disclaimer: While we strive to provide accurate information on New Mexico credit repair laws, please note that government laws are subject to change. Therefore, we recommend researching for further information or consulting a lawyer about credit repair services law.


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