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Credit Repair Laws in Georgia

In this article, we will explore the credit repair laws in Georgia, providing you with invaluable insights to navigate this thriving industry while assisting individuals in their quest to restore their creditworthiness.

Many citizens of Georgia are facing the challenges of recovering from a low credit score. In such situations, they turn to credit repair companies in Georgia to seek assistance in restoring their creditworthiness. Fortunately, Georgia has enacted credit repair laws to safeguard people from the unfair and deceptive practices of some credit repair businesses.

Therefore, if you are considering to start a credit repair business in the state, knowing about credit repair laws in Georgia is essential. It helps you avoid legal issues that can highly affect your business negatively.

But what is your chance to have a profitable credit repair business in Georgia? Let’s have an overview of Georgia’s credit health.

Georgia’s Credit Health Overview

If you are considering establishing a credit repair business in Georgia, you have an excellent opportunity ahead. Recent surveys indicate that a staggering 38% of the 10,936,299 residents of Georgia have poor credit scores. Thus, preventing them from acquiring home loans. This widespread issue has left many wondering, “How can I fix my credit?”

On average, Georgia has a credit score of 689. With most residents burdened by debts stemming from credit card debt, mortgages, student loans, and vehicle loans. Specifically, the average mortgage debt of the state is $29,350. While its credit card debt averages $5,693. Moreover, the state’s average student loan debt is $7,250, and auto loan debt is $5,480.

Georgia's Average Credit

Consequently, many Georgians are in dire need of credit repair specialists to help enhance their credit scores. So, if you’re considering venturing into credit repair business in Georgia, you have a great chance to succeed. But it’s crucial to have a good understanding of credit repair laws for building a reputable and compliant business.

Prohibited Acts Under Credit Repair Laws in Georgia

prohibited acts of credit repair laws in Georgia infographicThe credit repair laws in Georgia prohibit any credit repair company from making false claims about the services being offered. Furthermore, the credit law explicitly states that fees or payments may only be charged or received once the services have been fully rendered. Also, a written contracts with a specified date and the consumer’s signature are mandatory for all credit repair services to ensure consumer transparency and protection. Moreover, the agreement allows consumers a 3-day window to cancel it after signing. It is crucial to note that Georgia credit repair laws strictly prohibit removing accurate negative information from a consumer’s credit report and creating new consumer identities. In addition, Credit repair businesses in Georgia are also prohibited from advising consumers to disregard letters from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), collection agencies, or other legal documents.

Contract per Credit Repair Laws Georgia

Under Georgia’s Credit Repair Laws, any contract between a credit repair company and a consumer must include the following details:

1. The company’s name and business address.

2. The total cost of the services.

3. A comprehensive description of the credit repair services to be performed.

4. The estimated time for completing the services.

5. Any guarantees offered by the credit repair company.

6. Attachment of the notice of cancellation that allows the consumer to cancel the contract within 3 working days. After the contract has been signed.

Statute of Limitations in Georgia Credit Laws

In Georgia, the statute of limitations varies for different types of debts.

1. Mortgage debt falls under a 6-year statute of limitations.

2. While credit cards, auto loans, and medical debt fall under a 4-year statute of limitations.

3. State tax debt is also subject to a 4-year statute of limitations.

Statute of Limitations for other forms of debt:

1. Written debt carries a 6-year statute of limitations

2. Oral debt has a 4-year statute of limitations, and

3. Judgment debt has a 5-year statute of limitations.

**Disclaimer: We do our best to provide the most accurate information about the credit repair law in Georgia. However, please note that laws may be change any time. We recommend further research or asking a professional legal advisor to learn more about this matter. Moreover, you can ask more information or submit a complaint to Georgia’s Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division.

Now that you know about credit repair laws in Georgia, you might be wondering what you need to start a credit repair business in the state? The following information can help you.

To initiate a credit repair business in Georgia, certain requirements must be fulfilled:

1. Obtain a Surety Bond. You must obtain a surety bond worth $25,000, as mandated by the state. This bond can be obtained from a surety company within Georgia.

2. Register Your Business. Registering your credit repair business is essential, as it is for any other business operating within the state.

3. Choose Credit Repair Software Wisely. Investing in reliable credit repair software for your business is recommended. The tool will help streamline the process. Increasing accuracy, reducing mistakes, and automating the process that usually takes hours, days, or weeks to accomplish.

Selecting the right credit repair software is crucial when managing a credit repair business. In this digital age, where efficiency and accuracy are key, robust credit repair software can be your trusted ally.

The ideal software solution offers a comprehensive suite of tools to: (1) streamline your operations. (2) automate repetitive tasks. And (3) ensure accuracy when filing a dispute. From client management and dispute processing to credit monitoring and reporting, investing in powerful credit repair software empowers you to provide top-notch services, save precious time, and maximize your business’s potential for success. With the right software, you can focus on what truly matters. Assisting your clients in their credit repair journey while scaling your business to new heights.

This is what the software developer, Lorenzo Rodriguez, had in mind when he created Credit Money Machine. The first credit repair software in the industry. Which continues to be the fastest, most accurate, and trusted by people and credit repair businesses for more than 30 years.

The software has 4 versions to cater to your different needs. Whether you are an individual who wants to fix your own credit, a credit business start-up, or a veteran in the industry who wants to accommodate unlimited clients.

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