Trouble Ticket E-mail Support Text Message Paid Special Support

Click here to open a trouble ticket and your question will be answered in the next 24-48 business hours.

Please be specific and ask questions that can be answered in a couple of sentences.Don’t ask to be called, for example, otherwise, use one of the other two options

If you must send an e-mail please send it to but please advise with a text message to (954) 504-9849 that you sent it since e-mails are not monitored but once a day.

Send us an SMS  (text message) to (954) 504-9849.

Text messages will be taken care of in the order that they are received.

Use this resource, for example,  to advise that you sent an e-mail to support (which are not monitored but once a day ).

Sessions with the developer or certified engineer are available for a special client’s fee of $150 per hour (regular is $175.00) charged in increments of 15 minutes.

If you want to use this support option please fill in the order form by clicking here Someone will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your support session.

If you ever need to cancel one of our products please fill in this form