What are the differences between a Web-based credit repair software and a Windows-based credit repair business?

The differences are manifold, and at the same time very important for the life of your credit repair business. First of all, as the name implies, a web-based credit repair software is hosted on the Internet, but most importantly, it’s developed with a web-based language like PHP, ASP etc. which necessarily makes it slow and dependent of both Internet speeds (yours and your vendor’s) This credit repair software is then shared among all their clients (bandwidth is divided among all of them at the same time) so not only they are slow by nature (can’t be any other way since they need to transfer the server’s results to your computer by means of the TCP/IP protocol and HTMl language) but also they are prone to additional slowness at peak hours when many users (your competitors) are using the software (pretty much the whole business day). With a web-based credit repair software your business is bound to the life of the vendor since you can’t have it in your computer and depend absolutely to how long your vendor is in business.

After that, everybody will lose their business in an instant and without any possibility of recovering it. There is a big misconception about computer-based (windows-based) credit repair software that they can’t be placed in the cloud. You can put a computer-based credit repair business in the cloud in many ways and access it extremely fast and concurrently by any number of agents from anywhere in the world by simple using a Windows Server hosting service (i.e. Amazon Services ( or will be extremely fast when you put a Windows-based software in the cloud and the reason is that only the screen is transmitted to your computer and not by HTML but by a fast, live (not passive like HTML) and direct RDP connection (Remote Desktop Protocol).

Additionally to all this, the credit repair software is used exclusively by you (and your employees) so instead of sharing it with any other users online it is fast and secured since only you are in control of your credit repair business.Probably, the most important factor is the assurance that you and only you are in control of your business and that is not dependent to the life of the vendor.Remote solutions using Amazon Services can be implemented for as low as ten dollars a month.

Why Will I Get More Clients With Credit Money Machine Ultimate Than With Any Other Software?

There are many reasons: Credit Money Machine is faster than any other credit repar software, extracting all disputes from credit reports in seconds not house, more secure since the software resides in you own Window scomputer (it’s not web-based), the client and affiliate portal that reside in your own website to brand your company, the fact that you’ll find everything you need to conduct your credit repair business inside the software saving you time and making your compaby more efficient, the integrated finder system that will ensure that you will never run out of clients and much more.

Will I Be Able To Get Affiliates Using Credit Money Machine Ultimate?

Yes, we have an integrated affiliate lead finder built right into our software. This will allow you to get unlimited affiliate leads from different sources. Oh yes, the best part is that it is FREE. You will be able to e-mail these leads with our integrated e-mailing system. You will also have the option to call them using our telemarketing system or even set up an automatic auto-responder.

How Is It Possible To Make More Money With Credit Money Machine Ultimate Than With Any Other Software?

To make more money you will either need to charge a higher price or have more clients coming for your services. You can achieve both with our Credit Money Machine Net because of its automated system. You will be able to handle more clients a month and you can charge more that others because of the extraordinary quality of its attorney-written letters and contracts. You will be giving your client a first quality service.

Why Is It That I Can Make More Profits With Credit Money Machine Ultimate Than With Any Other Software?

It is a well known fact that the biggest expense in any company are the employees. Because Credit Money Machine Net has the capabilities to do in seconds what others take hours to do. It is truly a complete credit repair business solution. It performs like a team of 10 employees saving, you thousands of dollars a month, and putting more money in your pockets than any other credit repair software.

Why Is It That My Clients & Affiliates Will Be More Satisfied With My Credit Money Machine Ultimate Than With Any Other Software?

Support is always an important part of any business, especially a credit repair company. Since you will be providing support to your clients and affiliates. Credit Money Machine gives Affiliates and Clients Bilingual Portals to which they can see the status of their referrals 24/7 saving you hours of phone support. As opposed to other credit repair software, our online program gives these portals for no additional charge, with no monthly cost.

Can I Improve Control & Save Time With Clients That Still Owe Me Money?

Yes, You can do that through Credit Money Machine’s integrated Accounts Receivable System including recurrent receivables (Pro Plus and Ultimate) .

Am I Able To Charge Credit Cards Through My Credit Money Machine?

Yes, Accepting Credit Card is a very important way to get more customers since they can pay you on plastic. Credit Money Machine Net can charge credit cards with the following gateways:, Dow Commerce, Network Merchants, LinkPoint, Global Gateway Paytoo Merchant and X-Charge (Pro Plus and Ultimate) .

What Happens If I Don’t Want To Accept Credit Cards, Am I Able To Receive Checks By Phone Or Fax Via This Software?

Absolutely, Credit Money Machine can print check drafts, including the MIRC in a special way that you can deposit them in your bank account without needing your clients signature (Pro Plus and Ultimate) .

What Is The Advantage Of Doing Your Client’s Invoices Inside Of The Credit Money Machine?

There are several reasons why you would want to create and control your invoices inside of your software. First of all you don’t want to duplicate the data by mistake, as this will cause a lot of confusion. Another advantage about this is that you will have your client’s invoices organized and readily available inside of the software. Credit Money Machine has a full-fledge Invoice System including product and service invoices. Charge of Credit Cards from Invoices and recurrent Invoices (Pro Plus and Ultimate) .

Can I Control My Bank Accounts Inside Of Credit Money Machine Ultimate?

Yes, Credit Money Machine has an integrated bank system for unlimited banks accounts or CC accounts, including recurrent transactions and an exclusive reconciliation area that tells you why the program doesn’t match with the bank statement (Pro Plus and Ultimate) .

I Want To Work With A Professional Telemarketing System To Call My Prospects, Will I Be Able To Do That Through Your Software?

Yes, Credit Money Machine Net has a full-fledge Telemarketing System. Which includes the merging of fields and graph data analysis of calls disposals (Pro, Pro Plus and Ultimate) .

Do I get Any Marketing Tools So I Can Get Clients & Affiliates By Using Your Credit Money Machine?

Yes, Credit Money Machine has lots of marketing tools to increase your customer and affiliate base. Among them, an integrated Telemarketing System , integrated Survey System, integrated Auto Responder System, Extraction of Leads, and probably more marketing tools that any other MARKETING software in the world (Pro Plus and Ultimate) .

Can I Send And Receive Emails Inside Of Your Software?

Absolutely! While Credit Money Machine Net can also send your e-mails from the software to your Outlook account, we have a better option.Credit Money Machine Net has an integrated e-mail system which allows clients to send / receive emails. Some other features includes: a rules manager, ability to edit, change color of subjects, make groups, create links to contacts and specially the ability to select, with one click, all e-mails sent and received (Pro Plus and Ultimate) .

How Does Your Software Allow Me To Keep Track Of My Customers And Follow Up With Them?

It is very important that you can track all of your customers activity in the same place that you run your business on. Credit Money Machine has a unique Task Manager where it is possible to have unlimited pre-set groups of tasks with relative dates. It is possible to have a strategy for a lead that comprises several tasks like sending emails, phone follow up, sending contract at different dates and enter all of them with one click.You also have the ability to scan and link unlimited documents to any client with ease.

I Want To Have Telemarketers Outside Of The Office, Can I Do That Without Paying Extra?

Yes, Credit Money Machine and its unique Virtual Contacts System can post to their own website. clients/leads that the main office wants to convey to specific agents outside the office. Then, this data can be viewed using any Internet device like iPhones, Blackberries, Laptops, anything. (View Example Here ). Tasks assigned to agents can be read and updated, dial phone numbers by clicking on phone numbers and more. Then, the data can be retrieved back by Credit Money Machine, including agents updates. Also, we have other products like our CRM Business Companion that can interact with Credit Money Machine to send and receive leads and clients. Get More Information Here

Not all Credit Repair Software are created equal and how they can influence the success of your credit repair business.

Credit Money Machine is unique in its approach to credit repair and can’t be compared to any other credit repair software in the market.
The success of your credit repair business is measured in profits. I hope that you agree that what matters is the bottom line at the end of the month. For example with Credit Money Machine Net one person can handle up to 400 new clients a month while you would need 10-20 employees to handle the same number with any other credit repair software.
Obviously, your profits will soar when you put more money in your pockets with less expenses and less risks. But, what makes Credit Money Machine our full-fledged credit repair business software so special? In all honesty, it’s a myriad of details and features.
The main ones being:
1) Automatic extraction of disputes from 15 different credit report providers.
2) Automatic assignment of letters and descriptions (dispute reasons)
3) Automatic creation of unique letters thanks to our ADS (Automatic Dispute Spinner) System
4) Automatic comparison of disputes on following months thanks to our CAS (Comparison Audit System)
5) Automatic “Pay Per Deletion” system that starts by marking which disputes are due to charge to the client and ends by creating the invoices and controlling which payments are made by customers, etc. An important related feature is the ability to create the invoices from all clients at once with one click, only this feature will save you days of work.
6) The ability to post bilingual (English-Spanish) Affiliate and Client portals (included for free in price) where your affiliates (people that refer you prospect) and clients can go 24/7 to check everything with ease. (Sample of Client Portal and Affiliate Portal )
7) The ability to centralize, under one roof, all the needs of your credit repair business, from the extraction of free leads (so you pipeline will be always full) to the sending of automatic emails with its integrated email and auto messenger system, to the creation of invoices, the charge of credit cards, the printing of check drafts, complete bank control, the ability to handle thousands of leads and clients in its integrated CRM (contact management system), in other words, everything that you can think of and more.

Why our full-fledge credit repair business software is better to start a credit repair business.

There is a simple reason, Credit Money Machine is designed to be completely automated when you need it the most, when you start your credit repair business but then it will adapt to all your needs when you become more sophisticated.Also, the is another important reason, when you get another credit repair software that’s it in a couple of weeks your needs will outgrow the software capabilities and there is nothing that you can do but try to cope with that by purchasing other software to complement your needs or adding more employees to try to do your normal daily tasks.With our full-fledged credit repair business software all your present and future need are covered.
Your business won’t outgrow our software since we have thought in advanced of all your future needs.This is an important concept, you might not know what are your futures need but we do and we include them as part as our complete credit repair business software.
So, whether you are a start credit repair company or a seasoned credit repair business professional our Credit Money Machine has all the tools that need to grow your company from day one and 30 years from now.

The importance of an all-inclusive credit repair software for your starting credit repair company.

While it’s possible to maintain a separate CRM software (Contact Management Software) to control and manage your clients, leads and prospects this is not ideal.Having to duplicate the information in two different places adds an additional step to your credit repair company wasting time and money in the process.
Our professional credit repair software (Credit Money Machine) is the only one that has a full-fledged integrated CRM system that allows you to control and manage not only clients, but most importantly, your credit repair leads and prospects.As a matter of fact, it is designed so you can use it for any other business you may have (mortgage brokers, real estate agents, insurance agents, etc.)

How important is the performance of your credit repair software for your starting credit repair business company.

When you start a credit repair business the need for leads, is at least, as important as when you are a seasoned credit repair professional.
Don’t get fooled by watching a demo that contains just a dozen of leads. Performance varies greatly, specially with web-based credit repair software when you add just a few clients or leads.
Only Credit Money Machine guarantees that the performance of our credit repair software won’t be reduced when you have thousands of clients and leads (we have more than 144000 contacts in our credit repair software with absolute no degradation in performance.)
For this reason we recommend that you ask to see any presentation or demonstration, with at least 5000 contacts so you can appreciate first hand the performance of the credit repair software being evaluated.
Take our word for it, you will be enlightened and warned when you “feel” the performance of a credit repair software even with just a couple dozen of records in it. Don’t make a costly mistake of getting a credit repair software that your company will outgrow in two weeks.

What kind of marketing is important for your starting credit repair company.

Every company needs marketing but there are many misconceptions when you are talking marketing for a credit repair business.
Whether you are a starting credit repair business or a 20 year old credit repair business company you need to do some kind of marketing.
The best marketing for a starting credit repair company is the one that cost very little or nothing, since at the beginning, you need to save as much as possible.
In the future, word of mouth could be your best asset. For this reason, we recommend to look for people that can refer you prospects (auto dealers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, insurance agents, piano stores, furniture stores, cellular stores, friends, etc) .
In order to do that you need some kind of software to systematically call or email these potential affiliates and make them send you prospects all day long. For this reason, our credit repair software has an integrated Telemarketing System (including the scripts you should use to interact with those different industries) and a Affiliate Lead Finder System to find unlimited affiliate leads with ease.
Additionally, our bilingual portals have an integrated Referral System for both Affiliate and Clients to have an additionally source of leads (these leads will go automatically into our credit repair software creating a new client automatically). Our approach to a comprehensive credit repair business will make the difference between failure and a successful credit repair company.

Be sure that you have the right Affiliate Portal for your credit repair business.

An Affiliate Portal is an important part of your credit repair software and it is essential to prosper your credit repair company.
But not all Affiliate Portals are created equal.
First of all, you need to evaluate if your Credit Repair Affiliate Portal is under your control or your vendor’s. It’s important that you are in control of your Credit Repair Affiliate Portal, in other words, it is important that your Credit Repair Software post the Affiliate Portals to your own domain on the Internet so you have absolute control on its security and performance.
In the majority of credit repair software, specially those that are web-based, their Affiliate Portals are hosted on their own servers (the vendor’s servers) This means that you never owe the Affiliate Portal Software (it’s always theirs) but most importantly the performance and security depends on the life of the vendor.
Our professional credit repair software (Credit Money Machine) posts your Affiliate Portals to your own domain on the Internet for best performance and the tranquility that you own it and will be always under your control, contributing to brand your credit repair company name.
Another important factor is related to features. It is a good idea, for example, to have a bilingual (Spanish-English) Affiliate Portal, but again, the implementation of the feature is also important.
Some Credit Repair Affiliate Portals are based on templates that most be change for an Affiliate in they are Spanish spoken or English spoken.
With our credit repair software the selection of language is made by the user, so in a second, they can switch from English to Spanish and vice-versa with the push of a button.
Other essential feature is the ability to let your affiliate or not to enter into the Client Portal to know the status of a client. This must be done by client not by affiliate to have absolute control.
Also, be sure that any knowledge database in the Affiliate Portal is under your control allowing you to add (or delete) more item and write your own knowledge database as we do in our professional credit repair software.
You should be able to receive attachments and messages from your affiliates and most importantly your credit repair affiliate portal should have a Referral System that will add prospects automatically to the credit repair software as it is with our Credit Money Machine Pro Plus and Ultimate.

How to make your credit repair affiliates to send you 10 times more prospects than normal?

While the answer is simple our particular approach is really effective and unique.
The answer to receive for prospects from your credit repair affiliates is making for them really easy to send them to you.
Obviously, the Credit Repair Affiliate Portal is the first thing that comes to mind and it really works but still they need to login into their portals, navigate to the correct place and type the data of the prospect they are referring to you.
But, how about if they had already the data and only needed to click one button. Wouldn’t be easier and better? This is exactly what we provide in our professional credit repair software thanks to our CRM Companion ( )
You can give your affiliates, at a very low cost ($5 in quanitties), our CRM Companion so they can use it to manage their own clients and leads and when they see of a contact that could be a prospect to you they can send you the information from their CRM Companion to our Credit Repair Software ( Credit Money Machine) with one click making it’s fast and easy.
You can entice your friends and affiliates to get this powerful CRM ( Contact Management Software ) so while they will be using it every day they will be able to send you new credit repair prospects really easily.
This is a marketing technique that no one can replicate.

How credit repair disputes should be tracked in a credit repair software?

The rule of thumb is simple, the least jumping around the better.
The least time you spend in not productive actions the better. In many credit repair software you need to jump from window to window to enter data or learn the status of disputes and other actions.
Obviously, this takes lots of unproductive time and promote lost of concentration that finally it’s reflected in lost of productivity thru out the day.
In our professional credit repair software, we do in minutes what takes the whole day in other software in part because our many automated features and in part that all related parts to the credit repair process are contained in just one screen so you don’t need to jump around from window to window.
If you are evaluating other credit repair software just be sure that you understand what it takes to do the whole process from A to Z since what it might look extremely simple the first day might prove annoying and unproductive after just a couple of days.

Credit Repair Software Training anyone?

With Credit Money Machine Pro, Pro Plus and Ultimate we provide a complete and comprehensive one-on-one training live, but not with anyone, but with the software developer. You will learn not only how to process a client but how to manage leads and clients and how to find unlimited affiliate leads with ease.
Additionally, we provide training videos, bilingual live support, and a fantastic Quick Start Credit Repair Guide (or How to Become a Credit Repair Expert in one Day) that will make you an expert on the credit repair software in no time.Also, you will receive a 350-page Credit Repair Business Course which everything you need to know from A to Z to develop or improve your current credit repair company.

What are the best credit repair letters for your credit repair business?

To be honest, unless you are a very sophisticated credit repair professional pretty much all letters perform the same as long as they are well written (attorney written) and they make sense and are accurate and related to the dispute type being disputed.
But, there are some factors that make all the difference:
1) To avoid being detected by the Credit Bureaus OCR’s the letters must be different each and every time. Changing fonts won’t do the trick since that is exactly the OCR’s functionality, to ignore fonts and create a text letter. That’s why the must be different. In our professional Credit Repair Software we use a proprietary system named ADSS (Automatic Dispute Spinner System) that creates unique letters each and every time that your print them. Most importantly, you can create and modify your own spinners.
2) You should be able to modify your letters either on-the-fly or by changing the credit repair template that create them. You also should be able to create your own credit repair template letters.
3) A Professional Credit Repair Software should be able to advise automatically what letter to use as well as the reason invoked for a particular dispute type without any user intervention, but at the same time, with the ability to change either one manually for those special cases.
4) Credit Repair Template Letters should be able to accept multiple disputes in any number you want or need, but at the same time, don’t force you to send all the disputes at once because this can lead to a frivolous dispute answer from the Credit Bureaus and a red flag for those dispute items.
Of course our Credit Money Machine Net can do all that and much more.

Why is the right link of training for a starting credit repair business or a professional credit repair company?

Because all companies are not the same and not everyone has the same level of computer literacy we take pride on our Live Credit Repair Business Training for our Professional Credit Repair Software.
Learn first hand the most important features of our professional credit repair software and ask any questions that you may have related to any subject (credit repair techniques, marketing strategies, credit repair financial knowledge, how to build your credit repair business, the most important actions that you need to take for your starting credit repair business and more)This live training is in addition to our PDF manual, our online manual, Credit Repair Business Professional Course manual and our many training videos.
Occasional advanced techniques webinars are available to take advantage of our more powerful features.

Security risks when you use a web-based credit repair software for your credit repair business.

You may wonder if using a web-based credit repair software presents a security risk for you company and for your clients. The answer is a definitive yes. First of all, in a web-based Credit Repair Software all sensitive information from you, your clients and affiliates are in the vendor’s servers.
There is a misconception that when you are in a web page with HTTPS (SSL Secure Socket Layer) that page does not present a security risk.
The truth is that when you are sending information (like a credit card) from one secured page to another secured page the information is indeed encrypted and reasonably secure but when youupload or download information to your computer is not.Let’s put it this way, when you upload the credit report of your client to a web-based credit repair software that information is not secured during transit and can be intercepted by any of the servers that are in between your computer and the secured server online and probably even when it arrives it’s still not secured since it will be saved in the same format that was sent (probably PDF) and not encrypted.
So, not only you need to be worried by who hacks your client’s sensitive data while residing online on your credit repair software database but also what happens during transit.
The same is true when you download data from your “secure” onine service, simply it is not secured during transit to your computer.
That’s why in our Professional Credit Repair Business solution we take pride in the fact that your client’s sensitive information resides in your own computer under your control.

What is the credit repair “Pay Per Deletion” method ?

Pay Per Deletion related to Credit Repair is a method where you charge your clients after you have deleted or updated as appropriate the derogatory items.
It is the most profitable and fair way to do business and the Credit Repair Pay Per Deletion method is the one accepted by the FTC.
You can charge an initial setup fee as long as it is not related to your Credit Repair Services , that’s why we provide several tools to help you justify your initial consulting fee or even you can consider give to your clients our new Personal Financial Builder (Click here for more info.
Those areas are the Credit Card Analyzer, the Budget Center, the Loan Amortization Center and the Debt Reduction Analyzer.Also, our credit repair software has all the tools to do a Credit Repair Pay Per Deletion method.
Start by extracting all derogatory with one click from your clients credit report including the assignment of dispute types, reasons / description and letter automatically in seconds (not hours), then the next month do that again and Credit Money Machine will detect which derogatories are deleted and will change the dispute status automatically, and at the same time, setting up the paid status to “To Be Paid”, then our credit repair software will select all To Be Paid for all your clients.
It’s important to have the capability to assign a different price for each dispute type, and of course, we do that too.

Your Credit Repair Client Portal is essential for your credit repair business.

Like your Credit Repair Affiliate Portal, the Credit Repair Client Portal is a very important part of your credit repair business since it saves you hours of work by allowing your clients to check 24/7 the status of their credit repair disputes without calling you for support.
Not all Client Portals are created equal.
First of all, you need to evaluate if your Credit Repair Client Portal is under your control or your vendor’s. If your credit repair company’s client portal is not under your control (inside your own website) then the life of your credit repair business depend on the life of your vendor.
Another important features are:
1) The ability to receive attachments from your clients in your credit repair software
2) The ability to receive inquiries from your clients in your credit repair software
3) The ability to modify and provide your own knowledge database to your clients.
4) An integrated Referral System that automatically add those contacts to the credit repair software database so your clients can refer you new prospect with ease.
5) A bilingual Credit Repair Client Portal that will change languages at the push of a button.
6) Automatic use of portals with smartphones (iphones, Blackberries, Ipad, Ipod, any internet device).

Why web-based credit repair business software becomes more cumbersome to upgrade than Windows based credit repair software?

The subject of obsolescence and upgrades is an important subject for any Credit Repair Business since you always want the inclusion of the latest laws and techniques and any new features that may ease your daily work.
The truth is that in web-based system is much more difficult to upgrade than with computer-based credit repair software for the simple reason that web-base system must be stopped before the upgrade is made.
In other words, when you upgrade a Windows-based credit repair software you simply download the new version and upgrade yourself at your convenience but when a web-based need to upgrade they (your vendor) need to stop you from using the software and take the risk that if something goes wrong they might not even be able to come back to the previous version in a timely manner.
We do many upgrades every month, sometimes even several times a week to keep you updated with the latest laws, new creditors data, credit repair techniques and new marketing features, and while you don’t have to perform all of then it is always good to know that you can count on us.