Why to Buy

Why Professionals prefer Credit Money Machine 

  •  Automatic Extraction of Disputes
  •  Windows based (resides secured in your computer)
  •  More features, faster, more secure
  •  More profitable (does in seconds what others do in hours)
  •  You can own it and stop rent payments forever

Multi-Device Client & Affiliate Portals

  •  Installed in your own website not ours
  •  Bilingual English-Spanish
  •  Integrated Referral System
  •  More secure (don’t contain sensitive information)

CRM, Management, Marketing and Financial Capabilities

All versions have a Lead Finder area. Our Pro Plus and Ultimate have: Invoicing, Email System (sends and receive), Auto-Messenger, Account Receivables, Payables, Check Writing, Bank Reconciliation, Charge of Credit Cards, ACH Checks, Escrow Account, Check Drafts, Telemarketing, Parsing System(data extraction system) and much more.

Two Styles of Websites

  •  Two styles to choose from
  •  Communicate with CMM by receiving leads from your website while receiving the client and affiliate portals
  •  You can buy them and they’ll be yours forever.
  •  Stop rent payments forever.

Pay-Per-Deletion Method

  •  See how you can make more money with Pay-Per-Deletion
  •  The Pay Per Deletion Method is the most profitable method & 100% Legal

Free CRM App for your Salespeople, Clients & Affiliates

  •  Use it on iPad and iPhones
  •  Ideal for sales people on the road.