Credit Dispute Software — Features & Benefits

Credit Money Machine Pro Plus delivers the features you need

Professional Credit Repair Software

  • Most comprehensive Credit Dispute Software under the sun.
  • Oldest Credit Repair Software company in the nation (close to 23 years in business)
  • Windows based for security, speed, and capabilities.
  • Automatic extraction from 15 credit report providers.
  • Extracts automatically all creditors, account Ids, amounts, inquiry dates and more
  • Assigns automatically the letters, the dispute reasons, the dispute types and the dates when you should send the letter
  • Print envelopes and labels.
  • Does in seconds what others do in hours.
  • Works with all the clients at once select thousand of disputes to be printed with one click saving even days of work when compare with other software.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Add unlimited templates (letters) and make them default to dispute types automatically.
  • Create templates that change sentences, paragraphs or full sections based on the state of the client and also on the dispute bureau (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion)
  • Add symbols with ease to templates that will be user to merge the data from clients, creditors, and agents at the time of printing or emailing.
  • Create letters for Credit Bureaus and to Creditors.
  • Compare new credit reports with the current one and mark deleted disputes automatically.
  • Create Good Faith Estimates for Pay Per Deletion with one click
  • Use different amounts per dispute type and create invoices automatically for all clients at one with one click.
  • Create thousand of different letters automatically thanks to our integrated spinner system.
  • Automatic suggestion of next letter to use (second round, etc) with one click but always under your control, so you can set which letter you want to be suggested for round 2, 3 etc.
  • Upload Client and Affiliate Portals to your own website on the Internet with one click. Works with most websites so if you have one it will work with yours.
  • We can provide you with a full-fledged website if you don’t have one ( see sample ) You can rent it or buy it and be yours forever.
  • Affiliates and Client Portals are bilingual (English – Spanish) (see Affiliate Portal, see Client Portal)
  • Responses from Portals like referrals, responses from Credit Bureaus, questions are received inside your computer.
  • Clients can communicate individually for each dispute through the portal advising which ones not to dispute or the reasons why they should be disputed.
  • Create PDFs of letters created automatically if desired.
  • Control automatically disputes to follow up with one click and email client advising that responses have not been received.
  • Our Credit Dispute Software is a complete Credit Repair Business Solution

Full-fledged CRM Management Capabilities (Contact Management Software)

  • Everything in our Credit Dispute Software is about being more efficient and do more in less time.
  • Every aspect even some ones are marketing oriented (without sales there is no business)
  • Manage unlimited Clients and Leads
  • Ultra-fast search system with multiple entries from one field
  • Quick Find from multiples fields from one entry (name, company, state, all phone numbers, URL, emails, Related To, Referrals, Keywords, Products, etc)
  • Query-by-Example available too (Full Find)
  • Many tools to navigate fast among contacts.
  • Comprehensive import and export system with 5 saved fields mapping
  • Strong Lead Management System
  • Import / Export Leads in many formats.
  • Assign multiple tasks for multiples contacts on different dates with just one click.
  • Find information with ease on the Internet with our Private Eye system.
  • Send and Receive multiple contacts/leads across the internet to our line of compatible software for Telemarketing purposes, etc.
  • Set and Jump to 5 pre-set contacts with one click.
  • Send Merged Templates to contacts with the integrated E-mail & Fax system
  • Hold unlimited documents per contact (Docs, PDF, images, Excel files, etc) and play them with one click
  • Mark contacts as private
  • Make some agents see only their private records.
  • Create unlimited notes that automatically enter date/time and agent.
  • Notes can’t be modified except for administrator.
  • One click entry of snippets in Notes. Also unlimited snippets.
  • Log automatically templates sent.
  • Log elapsed time for consultation purposes.
  • Integrated Instant Messenger inside your network and across the Internet.
  • Tag contacts as affiliates, Assign commissions and visualize down lines.
  • Create contact portals to your own website on the Internet.
  • Upload contacts data to the Internet (Virtual Contacts) to share information with your sales force, representatives, etc. that can be seen on any device(smartphone, iPad, iPhone, laptop, computer, etc)
  • Assign Agent / Contacts Tasks where many Agents can have simultaneous Tasks for one contact.
  • Multiple view screens(Full Data, Fast Lists, 1-Line View, 3-Lines View, Agent Tasks Lists & Summaries)
  • Compare contacts and merge their data.
  • Check for Duplicate Contacts with one click.
  • Enter unlimited phone numbers in any format with automatic reformatting based on country.
  • Dial contacts with one click (modem, Skype or SIP protocol used in softphones).
  • Send template faxes using,, and
  • Check mail addresses and insert back the correct address back.
  • Create Reports and Labels Lists.
  • Use Snippets in many fields as a way to be consistent and expedite entry.
  • 60 one-click-groups to select, omit or expand groups with one click.
  • Unlimited User-Defined-Groups to select, omit or expand groups with one click.
  • To-Do groups to distribute groups among agents.
  • Assignment Groups especially suitable to Telemarketing purposes and similar sales leads assignments.
  • Special contact fields for Facebook, Twitter, and Skype.
  • Client Valuation (objective and subjective). The real value of a customer.
  • Calculate Time and Money spent on a client or by the agent.
  • Use different client hourly rates on automatic work-on-clients time (ideal for attorneys).
  • Manage an unlimited number of User Defined Field Structures. So, when creating a contact you can decide what special fields you want to use for that particular contact from previously saved structures.
  • Dial your client with one click using a modem, Skype or a SoftPhone with SIP protocol (like Ring Central).
  • Leverage your use of time by using features like the Action Button that reacts differently based on the content of the data (for example an email will create an email a phone number will dial the phone number, an URL will open the website, a formula will calculate, keywords will trigger Google search and much more.

Agents (Employees)

  • Create unlimited agents.
  • Assign different privileges for each agent allowing or denying entry in the areas of the program even at the field level.
  • Expand up to 1000 concurrent computers to share data (additional Network Licenses and third-party software required)
  • Integrated Personal Agenda and Payment Manager
  • Assign Jobs to your agents (Agent Job Scheduler) with recurrent capabilities and snippets to expedite the entry.
  • Print Job Worksheets for all Agents.
  • View agents software use (start, exit and elapsed time).
  • Log out agents automatically after certain amount of time.
  • Allow agents to enter your Credit Dispute Software only during certain hours.

Agent Time Manager

  • Control your Agents entry and exit times and calculate extra hours.
  • Each Agent can have a different hour rate for their work with clients.
  • Manage consultation times for your clients.
  • Create client reports based on hourly rate and agent’s work time.
  • Export agents work done for clients to Receivables, Invoices or to the Windows Clipboard with one click (ideal for attorneys and other consulting services).

Charge Credit Cards

  • Charge credit cards from different places (Account Receivables and Invoices) in your Credit Dispute Software.
  • Compatible with thousands of banks that use our integrated gateways (, Global Gateway / Link Point Central, Dow Commerce, Network Merchants, etc.) Subscribe HERE
  • Your Credit Dispute Software holds up to five credit cards numbers per contact.
  • Automatically check if credit card number is valid.
  • Change one or many with one click.

Escrow Accounts

  • Integrated with Global Client Solutions and Trans2Pay to charge clients against their escrow accounts from Account Receivables and Invoices with one click.

ACH Checks

  • Your Credit Dispute Software is integrated Green by Phone to process ACH Checks directly from the Account Receivables and Invoices (subscribe HERE).

Check Drafts

  • Print your client checks and deposit them in your Bank without your client’s signature and with recurrent capabilities.
  • Print check endorsements directly on checks from your Credit Dispute Software

Print Checks

  • Print your checks to pay affiliates, providers, payroll and much more with recurrent capabilities.
  • Print check endorsements directly on checks.

Bank Manager

  • Manage unlimited Banks and Credit Cards.
  • Register Transactions automatically (checks, Deposits, Credit Notes and Debit Notes).
  • Reconcile your Bank / Credit Card Statement with our integrated Reconciliation System.
  • Link Clients to Bank Accounts. This way you can maintain escrow account for clients too.
  • Print checks to pay others (some payments are created automatically like affiliate payments, payroll and other you set).

Financial Desktop

  • View, at a glance, the status of your company, aging and forecast for receivables, payables, and invoices, products sold, bank balances and more.
  • View charts to evaluate results with ease in your Credit Dispute Software.
  • Print reports at the end of the month to give to your accountant for tax purposes, it’s that simple.

Account Receivables

  • Unlimited Payment Plans for consistent entry of Account Receivables (you can automatically enter the setup fee plus recurrent payments and way to charge the client).
  • Automatic trigger of recurrent receivables.
  • Your Credit Dispute Software is with many credit cards gateways (Authorized.Net, Network Merchants, Dow Commerce, Link Point Central, Global Gateway, etc.) (apply HERE).
  • Compatible with ACH Checks through Green by Phone (apply HERE )
  • Create check drafts to print your client’s checks and deposit them in your Bank without your client’s signature.
  • Charge multiple clients at one time from different sources (credit cards, ACH checks and Escrows).
  • Assign automatically commissions to affiliates and create payables based on those for further checks printing.
  • Send letters / templates directly from receivables upon declining transactions or other purposes.
  • Filter and Report Receivables.
  • Email, fax or print reports.
  • Create Invoices based on Receivables.
  • Many ways to find, navigate and manipulate Receivables.

Account Payables

  • Automatic trigger of recurrent payables.
  • Create and print unlimited checks with one click from Payables .
  • Send letters / templates directly from payables for any purpose.
  • Filter and Report Payables.
  • Email, fax or print reports.
  • Many ways to find, navigate and manipulate Payables.

Invoice System

  • Full-fledged invoice system.
  • Both Invoice types, Product and Service Invoices.
  • Snippets for service invoices for consistency.
  • Calculation of totals even from service invoices.
  • Charge invoices with credit cards, ACH Checks or escrow.
  • Control Partial Payments.
  • Find invoice system with integrated shortcuts.
  • Manage unlimited products.
  • Create product catalogs.
  • Select products that belong to an invoice with one click.
  • Control product costs.
  • Create price lists.
  • Create payables based on commission from affiliate automatically.
  • Trigger recurrent invoices.
  • Create invoice groups and visualize summaries of many invoice fields.
  • Export invoices to excel, Email, fax, several e-signature services or print invoices all from you Credit Dispute Software.

Products & Inventory

  • Manage all your products with ease.
  • View privately your suppliers cost.
  • View or print catalogs on selected products or send them by email of you like.
  • Select products automatically based on a quotation or invoice to send to your prospects or clients.
  • Upload a web catalog to your own domain on the Internet including prices, descriptions and much more with one click. Making changes take seconds.
  • Up to 7 pictures and 1 video per product.
  • Your Credit Dispute Software comes with Ultra Fast Search.
  • Print reports, lists and more.

Credit Card Analyzer & Debt Reduction Analyzer

  • Analyze unlimited Credit Card accounts for you and your clients.
  • The program advice which credit card to pay first and how much to increase your credit score.
  • Analyze unlimited Debt accounts for you and your clients.
  • The program advise which Debt to pay first and how much based on a monthly budget to pay the debts in the least amount of time.

Budget Center

  • Analyze unlimited budgets for you and your clients.
  • Compare all the expense segments against the ideal ratios to determine where correction are needed.
  • Get a Surplus amount that you can use to start reducing your debt every month.

Amortization Loan Center

  • Analyze unlimited loan amortization scenarios.
  • Link scenarios to contact to evaluate different scenarios and create creative proposals.

Email System

  • In addition to the integrated e-mail system, your Credit Dispute Software features an OES (Online Email System) that allows you to send bulk emails without revealing your computer IP to any party and sending the e-mails from your own domain. This OES is part of our Auto-Messenger System.
  • Your Credit Dispute Software manages unlimited e-mail accounts (POP3, Gmail, GoDaddy, etc.)
  • Self-contained system to Send and Receive Emails.
  • Edit Emails (subject and body).
  • Select all emails (sent/received) from contacts even when contact uses multiple emails or the entire domain.
  • Encrypt/Decrypt E-mails by Agent in your Credit Dispute Software.
  • Assign default sending email accounts by user or department.
  • Find contact based on current e-mail with one click.
  • Create Contact based on current e-mail with one click.
  • Check for e-mail duplicates with one click.
  • Assign multiple groups to one e-mail and search by them.
  • Use snippets and shortcuts when creating e-mails.
  • Proprietary System to verify if e-mail was opened.
  • Merge contacts data automatically in e-mail templates.
  • Ultra-Fast and Easy Email Finding System.
  • Color subjects and search based on them.
  • Extract email information and create contacts automatically.
  • Reply to Emails automatically.
  • Assign Auto-Responders to emails automatically.
  • Forward E-Mails automatically.
  • Assign Groups automatically.
  • Assign E-mails selectively to agents or round robin.
  • Create Private Notes for Emails.
  • Web-to-lead capture.
  • Set the date to send an email in the future.
  • Select default emails from contacts that will show in pull-down lists when sending emails.
  • Select emails from groups of selected contacts and vice-versa.
  • Protect some E-mails to avoid deleting them by mistake.
  • All your employees (agents) can see, in real time, all the emails sent, received and link to clients.
  • Three e-mail systems in software. An instant email, the full-fledged and interaction with your email client (like Outlook) but with a twist that makes it unique.
  • Use Snippets in e-mails for speed and consistency.
  • Insert merged templates in emails with one click to compose a complex e-mail with ease.
  • Schedule e-mails to be sent at a future date automatically (this is a one by one feature in addition to the auto-responder).

Auto-Messenger (Auto-Responder)

  • Manage unlimited Auto Responders in your Credit Dispute Software.
  • Include unlimited templates per Auto Responder.
  • Assign different intervals to each template.
  • Merge agents and client data automatically.
  • Duplicate X number of messages (templates) with one click.
  • Assign Auto Responders automatically when an e-mail is received.
  • Assign Auto Responders to one contact or a group of contacts with one click.
  • Assign several Auto Responders to one contact or contacts.Interaction with external auto responders (AutoResponse Plus version 3).
  • In addition to the integrated e-mail system, your Credit Dispute Software features an OES (Online Email System) that allows you to send bulk emails automatically from the Auto-Messenger without revealing your computer’s IP to any party but sending the emails from your own domain.


  • Integrated telemarketing system to promote your business or to answer the phone consistently every time.
  • 15 Scripts or Script Branches available with one click.
  • Every script can be merged automatically with Agent and Client data for ease reading.
  • Update client data, make notes and much more while interacting with the Telemarketing System.

Task Manager (Follow Up System)

  • Unique follow-up task system that is client-centered as opposed to agent-centered which is much more productive than traditional follow-up systems.
  • Add Tasks to follow up or any other purposes from Snippets to expedite entry and consistency.
  • Every client/lead has its own tasks manager area and it can contain unlimited tasks from disparate Agents or company departments so every Agent will be aware of the interactions of this client / lead with other Agents / Departments.
  • Add Multiple Tasks on Multiple Dates to one or many clients/leads with one click (example: you buy a list of 1000 leads and want to assign 3 tasks like email, phone and send contract on different dates to each lead. Well, you can do that with one click).
  • Select Tasks based on time zone so you don’t wake up prospects at 6 AM in California.
  • See at a glance the time zone of a task.
  • Select tasks based on Priority.
  • Select tasks based on Agents.
  • Tasks are logged automatically whenever they are Done or Cleared showing Date, Time and Agent (which can’t be changed but by the administrator).

Business Lead Finder

  • A unique way to find lead using our integrated zip code, city selector and Google maps interaction.
  • Change city automatically with one click for sequential search within a group or state.
  • Add leads with ease.

Marketing Tools

  • A unique set of tools not found anywhere else.
  • Select invoices based on a list of number in your clipboard.
  • Select omit contacts based on a list in your clipboard.
  • Extract links based on a URL and add contacts.
  • Extract websites from a list and add or select contacts.
  • Extract links from Google maps.
  • Extract emails from clipboard and add or select contacts.
  • Import emails or phones and add or select contacts.
  • Strip text from weird characters.
  • Ping your website.
  • Parse text based on start and ending words.
  • Sort text and more…

Telemarketing & Business Script Manager

  • Manage unlimited scripts.
  • Use this area as a repository of all your Telemarketing and Business scripts.
  • Powerful search system.

Template Manager

  • Manage unlimited templates (letters).
  • Merge data automatically in letters from Contacts, Agents, User Defined Fields and many other fields.
  • E-mail, Print, Fax ( to groups of contacts.
  • Interacts with several e-signature services (DocuSign, EchoSign, etc.)
  • Integrated Spinner System to create unique letters every time.
  • Create unlimited categories and unlimited letters inside each category.
  • Encrypt / Decrypt templates for private use.
  • Use 10 shortcuts to select or email pre-selected templates.
  • Change text to HTML with one click.
  • Edit HTML templates (letters).
  • Interact with you website to upload / download pages to do minor changes or for SEO purposes or even as a repository of your webpages.
  • Check the Spam level of your templates (possible emails).
  • Scannable forms system allows you to merge data into any form by scanning the form and merging or type data into it.
  • Select contacts that receive a particular template.

Agent Task Scheduler

  • Control unlimited specific tasks for unlimited agents.
  • Create recurrent tasks.
  • Control Tasks by Category.
  • Print Worksheet for one or many agents with one click.
  • Link Agent Tasks to Contacts (the best way to interact with Clients and Leads is using the Task Manager though).
  • Sent email merged templates to contacts directly from the this area (for example to advise that a particular Task has been completed).
  • Print Task sheets.

Personal Agenda & Payment Manager

  • Control unlimited personal tasks.
  • Assign personal tasks for other agents and send them to their smartphones.
  • Make tasks recurrent.
  • Receive reminders in your smartphone with Agenda Tasks are due.
  • Two types of reminders: alarm reminder and actual date/time reminder.
  • Use it for all your personal tasks and payment reminders like Mortgage Payments, Credit Card Payments, meetings, etc.
  • Link personal tasks to contacts (very useful when you need data from a contact to fulfill the task).
  • Create shorttcuts to assign tasks linked to contacts with initial consistent data.

Web Store & Catalog Creator

  • Create unlimited products with up to seven images each and one video and upload them to your own domain creating a web store / catalog with one click. (see sample HERE.)
  • Use PayPal as a way to charge your clients on those products or simply create a catalog.
  • Make changes to hundreds of products with one click and upload a new web store in seconds.
  • Maintain up to five independent web stores or catalogs.
  • Manage Hot Deals with ease and much more.

Knowledge Database (Private Library)

  • Use this area as your Private Library.
  • Manage unlimited categories and then unlimited topics inside each category.
  • Find articles on the Internet and save the content and link to have them handy.
  • Powerful search system.
  • Open links and run hard drive file with one click.
  • Optionally, save HTML code so you can view the content exactly as intended.

Password & License Manager

  • Manage unlimited passwords.
  • Encrypt / Decrypt passwords.
  • Link passwords to contacts to provide services to your clients.
  • Manage links to website or open related files.
  • Copy username and password to Windows Clipboard with one click for easy entry.
  • Group passwords.
  • Link to contacts to give services to your clients or to find more information about the vendor.

Parsing Extraction System

  • Receive unlimited forms from unlimited websites on the Internet, parse them to extract their data and create contacts filling the fields all automatically.
  • Extract data from lists found on the Internet or other type of lists creating contacts and populating fields automatically.
  • Assign many defaults automatically so contacts can be assign to specific groups and other fields.

Purchase Manager

  • Control all your purchases, specially online ones.
  • Know, with one click, which ones are pending.
  • Maintain a repository of all your purchases to find vendors in the future with ease (price, quantities, vendors, etc).
  • Group purchases by type.
  • Powerful search system.

Virtual Desktop Manager

  • Consider this area like an extension of your Windows Desktop on steroids.
  • Control unlimited links to files or links to the Internet.
  • Set Titles, Descriptions and Pictures to identify them.
  • Set related files to the main one.
  • Set unlimited groups and categories for ease finding (like graphics, PDF, Microsoft, etc).
  • Set shortcuts to retrieve groups even faster.
  • Powerful search system.

Reports & Labels

  • Print or create PDF reports to be sent by email.
  • Many label formats compatible with Avery labels and compatible formats.
  • Save label pages by selecting starting point.
  • Print Business Cards.
  • Print envelopes.
  • Print preset reports or use a User Select Fields report and select the fields you want to report.
  • Some special reports to print tasks for one or multiple agents as well as Metric Analyzer report.