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I have owned Heartland Credit Restoration for 9 years. I had used my own software, I had done manual work. Then I stepped up and used Dispute Suite credit repair software for a few years. At that point Dispute Suite was the best software I had seen. After nearly three years I was thankfully introduced to Lorenzo and his program Credit Money Machine. For two yearsnow I have been using CMM, there is nothing close to compare it to.Lorenzo is gentle, and amazing with this program, if I have tiny issues he always makes himself available. I truly believe his the smartest man I have ever met when it comes to credit repair. My clients are seeing more items deletions, my clients are seeing a faster improvement to their credit scores. CMM is the best program period. Anyone who wants to be the best in credit repair is lost in denial if they are not using Lorenzo and CMM period!!!

Andrew Yamilkoski
Heartland Credit Restoration


Rarely do I have a chance to work with such a dedicated and knowledgeable professional as Lorenzo Rodriguez. Besides knowing his computer program inside out and upside down, Lorenzo is extremely patient with a new user like myself. He is always willing and cheerful about helping us understand something unique or beneficial about the Credit Money Machine. While the program appears intimidating at first, I quickly learned how jammed pack each page is with tools and features which ultimately make our processing so much faster and easier than the prior system we were on. Thanks to Lorenzo for providing us with a system which is easy to use and requires less staff time to operate. I am very happy with our decision to switch to Credit Money Machine.

Robert Lefcort
Great American Credit Repair Company


I have been a client of Credit Money Machine and Lorenzo’s for several years now.
I say client because it means under their care and I mean that.
They have provided outstanding customer support (which I have needed very little of).
I suggest if you are in the market for a product like Credit Money Machine just get on board you will not be sorry you did.
I am a happy camper as they say!!!
If you would like to call me: Ron at 832-512-0143

Ron Beauchamp
Credit Resource Group


My husband and I have been in the credit restoration service for over 20 years. As I was searching for a credit repair software in 2007; I came a crossed the Credit Money Machine. I purchased this program without realizing its potential. This has been the most exciting and excellent program that I have ever use.

The Credit Money Machine is not only an amazing program, but its success is due to its creator and excellent customer service support that surpass any other software product out in the market. The CMM innovation is by far the most reliable software in the credit repair industry. Due to this software and its support Supreme Credit Solutions has been able to successfully improve our customers credit ratings.

The Credit Money Machine has many features not found in many other credit repair software. The software creator Lorenzo Rodriguez is continuously updating the program with new features and innovations. Whenever I need assistance he or his excellence support staffs are there to provide me with the highest customer support in the market. I consider Mr. Lorenzo a mentor and a great friend.

Thanks to the Credit Money Machine, Supreme Credit Solutions has been successful in improving our clients credit scores. Many of our clients have been able to purchase their dream home, cars or simply obtain loans. The Credit Money Machine has been an important tool to fight against bad credit.
Thank you Lorenzo for your creation and our success

Nilka Mateo
Supreme Credit Solutions


I have tried every software out there for credit repair and compared to credit money machine the others are simply toys. Lorenzo is light years ahead of any credit software in the market. I’ve been using the software since 2008 and it is one of a kind. The support is also amazing and top notch. I always recommend CMM due to it’s sophistication and efficiency in the credit repair arena. I love the fact that it is a true all in one solution. Oh and you keep forever once it is paid off, unlike others where you have to pay a monthly fee to maintain.

Truly Yours,

Eduardo Ramos
Credinc Executives

We highly recommend Credit Money Machine for any company seeking to have an edge in the Credit Restoration Business.

Our trade association gives this software an A+ and believes that serious operators should not be without this solution.

Phil Turner
Certified Credit Consultant Association


Dear Lorenzo

I want to truly thank you for making the Credit Money Machine. I originally bought this product in 2006. The updates are great and I love everything you have done with the Credit Money Machine. You’re always there When CFS needs you. I was having problems with the new updates because I was lost, but you took the time out to help me and teach how to solve the problem.. Because of you and your creation, I don’t have to worry about paying for extra help. Before I bought the Credit Money Machine, I had been doing my business the hard way. I started this business in 2003 and I still love What I do, but words can’t explain how I love what you do. I remember when you changed how Credit Money Machine looked. I was like, “Wow!” and I said to myself, thank God for me being a client when I started in 2006. I would highly recommend this product to anyone in the credit business or even mortage business. I had the privilege to get all 3 in one. So thank you so much for everything. You’re a business life saver.

Lawanda Bennett
Celia Credit Solutions

Dear Lorenzo and Staff:

I have been involved in the Credit Repair Industry for over 20 years. I originally gained interest in pursuing it as a business when learning how to correct inaccuracies in my own credit profile. I created a “Do it yourself” CD so people could apply techniques I had used on their own. I soon found that not many people found credit repair as satisfying as I had. They were constantly asking if I would do it for them for a fee. Because I have a long time M-F job, I could not imagine doing this for others due to the effort and time required to follow-up and keep track of timelines for multiple clients. I also have a family whom I wanted to enjoy my off-time with.
I had researched the many available credit repair software options and even attempted to use one of the “Online” options. What a learning experience!
I spent most of the time allotted to creating this “second income”; on the phone with tech support people asking why I couldn’t access my clients information due to their system failures.

Enter CMMN!
I had tried CMMN’s online trial and was so incredibly impressed, I decided to take the plunge and purchased the software. I made the right choice!! The software creator Lorenzo is constantly updating the software to keep up with and surpass industry changes. Whenever I find the need for assistance, I can go to customer support or, GET THIS!! I can call the developer himself and he will address my individual issues or accomodate my individual requirements. I suggested an account receivable feature on a Friday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised to see that he added the function to the software on the update the following Monday. That is customer care!

I was reluctant to do this testimonial because I was afraid that others would catch on and give me unwanted competition, but I now realize that there is plenty of business to go around for all. To CMMN and to Lorenzo:

Thank You!

Chris Lahage
Speedy Credit Repair


Hello Lorenzo,

As you know, I initially purchased this online software [name on file] for $12,400. After running into unresolved problems with this product, I canceled with them and started to look for another credit repair software solution and then I came across your Credit Money Machine Net.

As I went through your website I could not believe of all the extra functions and features your product offered at thousands of dollar less.

I think it is also important to mention the level of service and support I have received from you. In my opinion you have gone beyond the call of duty.

Thanks again for such a great product and the outstanding support you have given me all along the way. Unlike my other experience, you truly care.

Armando Sanchez, CEO
Empire Credit Restoration


Hello Lorenzo,

Credit Money Machine Net has been a lifesaver for my business.

I’m not usually one to give out accolades unless they’re more than deserved, but I’ve got to tell you I was so impressed with the support for CMML, I just can’t help myself.

Can you imagine, I have almost 125,000 (one hundred twenty five thousand) disputes that I need to search and find which ones to print.

With new Credit Money Machine Net I can select them in two seconds what it used to take close to seven (7) hours .

I called the “Help Desk” and was met with friendly and accommodating service. Thanks for the incredible software and fantastic support. It’s greatly appreciated! With that kind of service, you’ve made me a customer for life!

Damon DeCrescenzo
The Credit Pros International


When I started my company I knew that the Credit Money Machine was going to be an important tool and at a first glance it seem like a lot more than what I needed.

A year later I most say that the Credit Money Machine has more than exceeded my expectations with the amount of different ways that I can use it in my business.

This is not just a credit repair software or a fancy data base this is the result of a genius mind and I glad I made the decision to use it because it simplifies everything and I can see my business growing into it.

Paul Montero
Montero Credit



Before using Credit Money Machine Net, I needed to use at least four applications to do the work I do now.

Credit Money Machine Net is everything they say and more.. fast, flexible and powerful.

I recommended it for any kind of business.

Steven Hoffman
Credit Consultant USA


We recently converted our established credit repair business onto the Credit Money Machine platform.

We have found the credit repair functions to be very efficient and the technical support is top notch.

The CMMN team has been very positive to receive input and continues to evolve the product to stay at the top of the field. If you are serious about this business this is a valuable tool and a great team to work with.

Derek Louw
Consumer Credit Auditors