5 reasons that would be stupid to ignore when selecting a Credit Repair Software:

  1. Is it legal and secure?
    • When you select a credit repair software be sure that you and only you have access to yours clients’ sensitive data.If you use an online software, also known as in-the-cloud software, you are putting your clients’ data within the reach of third party handlers which is potentially illegal under the GLB Act (a Federal Law that regulates the use of sensitive data) without your clients express permission.Credit Money Machine is Windows software so it resides on your computer or Windows server under your control and password and only you and your employees have access to it.
    • As opposed to other online software that holds your client and affiliate portals on their server and also contain sensitive client’s data, Credit Money Machine features, client and affiliate portals that reside inside your own website and don’t contain any sensitive data, so even if the data is compromised, it won’t imply a potential liability to you or your company.
  2. How fast is your software?
    • This aspect is more important than you think. When software is slow. it becomes tedious to use , but most importantly, requires more employees to operate in a business environment even in its beginnings at very low capacity, as is the case with software in-the-cloud.
    • Credit Money Machine is ultra-fast software where one person can process up to 400 new clients per month.The bottom line, Credit Money Machine is more profitable than any other credit repair software under the sun.
  3. Get software with the right set of features
    • Many times we get “enchanted” by the looks of software without realizing that looks don’t mean that the right set of features is available for you to use, this fact force you to use many additional software to fullfill your needs, at an additional cost in money, time and errors due to data duplication.Credit Money Machine has a comprehensive set of intergrated features that avoid data duplication and allow you to manage your whole company under one roof. From financial features like invoicing, receivables, commissions, charge of credit cards, etc. to marketing features like integrated e-mail system, telemarketing, workflow, SMS, auto-responder, etcCMM has many unique features in the credit repair area as well, like the ability to extract disputes from several credit report providers and automatically assign letters, reasons and types with one click and in seconds.
    • For example Marketing Automation is an important feature (see what it means to you by clicking here)
  4. Work anywhere in the world
    • Our software can be installed on your computer or in-the-cloud but do not confuse this ability with slow web-based programs, also known as in-the-cloud software (the ones that you connect to using your Internet Browser.) Out VPS technology gives you the best of both worlds, the connection from anywhere in the world using Windows, Macs, Macs, iPads and Smartphones but with ultra-speed from 10 to 100 times faster than your web-based in-the-cloud software.
  5. Does your software allow for company growth?
    • Almost all credit repair software have one version or several where the only change is how many clients you can use or how much space you have available on their servers. This fact restricts immensely your company’s capacity for growth.In theory, if it was possible to handle a big company with one of those credit repair software if would cost a small fortune in bandwidth and fees.With Credit Money Machine you can have thousands or millions of clients at no extra cost since our line of software has potentially unlimited capacity depending only on your computer available space.
    • Additionally, when you use an online software you will be force to pay forever and it will be next to impossible to export your data to move it somewhere else.
    • With Credit Money Machine you can decide whether to rent or purchase and you can always export all your data easyly to compatible formats like excel among others.
    • Don’t invest your time and money in the wrong direction just to realize later that you can’t grow your company, get from the start what professionals use, Credit Money Machine.

Try it for free! You have 30 days to take it for a test run–no cost, no obligation–you have nothing to lose.  It is fully functional and times out at the end of 30 days. If you chose to continue, your license will re-activate your existing copy.

  • Credit Money Machine
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    • Integrated Auto-Responder
    • Invoice System
    • Super Calendar
    • Task Manager
    • Template Manager
    • Integrated Email System
    • Integrated Instant Messenger
    • Private Database for Utmost Security
    • Much More...