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Credit Money Machine Cloud Credit Money Machine
Pro Plus
Prices $199 per month $199.97 per month
Unlimited Contacts and Prospects
Windows-based not Web-based
Use it in-the-cloud on a VPS
Scalable up to 1000s computers
Ultra-fast CRM
One-Field search system
Send & Receive Data between Software
Multi-Task-Multi-Schedule Task Manager
Integrated Reports (print reports, labels and more)
60 One-Click-Contacts Groups
Unlimited User-Defined-Groups
Memorized Contacts Groups
On-The-Fly Contacts Groups
To-Do Differential Contacts Group System
Tally results of Contacts Groups
Personal Agenda
Integrated Backup System
Importing Capabilities: CSV, DBF, Excel, etc.
Import differential contact records
Print Labels in different Avery formats
Exporting to different formats
Unlimited Searchable User Defined Fields
4 Protocols Phone dialing
Unlimited User Defined Fields Structures
Many Field Snippets
Round Robin lead assignment
Unlimited users on one computer (not concurrent)
Check for Contact Duplicates
Unique Compare System
Many List Contact views
Template Manager (word processor)
Online Virtual Contacts
Account Receivables
Account Payables
Check Writing
Check Draft Writing
Charge using ACH Checks
Charge of Credit Cards
Bank Manager and Reconciliation System
Invoicing System
Products and Inventory
Product Catalog Creator
Debt Reduction Analyzer
Budget Center
Amortization Loan Center
Financial Desktop
Send SMS and Voice Messages
Telemarketing System
Workflow Manager
Import / Export vCard files (VCF)
Access to Twitter, Facebook, Skype and Linkedin accounts with one click
Unlimited Auto-Responder
Parsing (data extraction) System
Unlimited Unilevel Commission Affiliate System
Telemarketing Script Manager
Quick Emails to One or Many Contacts N/A
Comprehensive E-Mail System
Bulk E-Mail Manager
Interaction with ElasticEmail
E-mail Encryption
Shortcut Searches
E-mail Spam Manager
Check for Duplicates
One-Click Contact E-mail History
Internet Client / Affiliate Portals
One-Click Webstore Creator
Virtual Desktop Manager
Business Lead Finder System
Multi-Use Action Buttons
Client Valuation System
QR Code creator
Private Eye System
Virtual Desktop Manager
Postcard Creator
Agent Task Scheduler
Agent Time Manager
Consulting Time Manager
Purchase Manager
Agent Metrics System
Integrated Instant Messenger
Knowledge Database
Link Document Manager
Opportunity Analyzer
Password & License Manager